3 Years!!!!!

Posted: June 22, 2004 in Catherine, Personal

I am crap at updating this thing, so I will try to fill you in…

Cathryn and I have just had our 3 year anniversary last month!

I took us both out to dinner on the beach (indoors of course, too cold) at Sirens in Williamstown for a lovely feed. spent the day just hanging out together, before heading down for dinner. It was a totally perfect day! I love being able to spend a whole day with the one I love whenever we feel like it, instead of planning around my work roster.

Oh yeah, I lost my job. Turns out the insurance for Crowd Controllers is too high since 9/11, even in Australia, so they had to drop a heap of contracts, and then couldn’t keep all of us on, so I was one of the ones to go.

I didn’t mind, I am looking for a job in Graphics, or something similar now anyway, now that I have finished my course. There is no jobs out there that a willing to take a graduate, they all want around 2-3 years experience! well, how am I supposed to get that experience, numb nuts!?!

Sometimes it just pisses me off when companies won’t give students a fair go, even for no cost work! how do they think they got into it?!

Apart from that, my new websiite is up and going, and my first guitar of 2004 is almost completed. photos are on the site, if anyone is interested.

please comment if you are reading this, I don’t know if its worth keeping my journal, if no one ever reads it. I never get comments… 😦 j/k

Anyways, I will hopefully do more updates in the future (can’t do much less, ay?) but if you are bored, and I mean bored, I am slowly importing the archives from my old journal, but I have to do it one by one, so it may take a while. Feel free to read them all, but only if you are really really bored!

  1. cazzicles says:

    Heya Patty Whack, I sure am reading this, and, in turn, commenting! Methinks you should definitely keep up with this thing. How else would one gain a decent education on what it is to be a goat? Yeah.. just you think about that one. Hmmmm. *keeps an eye on you*
    I’m really sorry to hear that you lost your job. It happens, but it sucks when it happens to you. *pokes* Even more frustrating, I’d imagine, is the whole catch 22 regarding experience in a field of work you would like to get into. They don’t want you because you don’t have experience, but you’re unable to get experience because they don’t want you! Arrrgh. How’s anyone supposed to get a break when it’s decided by logic like that? Chin up, goat lover, keep in there and at it and I’m sure/hope something will come up Millhouse for you soon.
    Congratulations on the 3 year anniversary, too.
    Am taking a look at that page of yours right now, and I must say.. nice mug shot! Looking forward to more photography, eh? I really like what you’ve got up there so far.
    And, one last thing… *protests* UPDATE THIS JOURNAL MORE FREQUENTLY! Don’t give it up, okees?
    Catchya around soon, Patty Whack. Take it easy.

    • hehehe
      thanks dude
      i am going to try to update more, i like venting here! just never get around to it anymore…
      i hope your exams are all going well too, i read in your lj that you and pauly have just finished them, so good luck goat lover!
      also, enjoy your holiday dude, port fairy is a lovely place, although i cant remember exactly where it is, i am sure i went there, and didnt think badly of it…

      • cazzicles says:

        If you find that venting in this journal helps you to get through certain times or issues, then it shouldn’t necessarily matter that you don’t receive too many comments. I know it’s great to get advice from others, but it’s sometimes hard to give when there are so many gaps in events and time that can’t be assumed. At least you know that I am reading it, even if I don’t always remember to leave a comment!
        Thanks dude, I was aiming for a bare minimum pass, which I should get. So I’m happy with that. Exams suck. Indeed they do.
        Port Fairy is along the Great Ocean Road, about 40km up from Warrnambool. I’ve been before, but you can never see the place often enough. It’s a gorgeous piece of land.

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