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I can no longer support Labor

Labor has officially lost my vote.

Let me explain this properly. As previously mentioned, I have been a Labor voter ever since I could vote. My Grandparents, and all relatives back to Federation have been Labor voters, due in part to their employment at the local Rail Yards, Dock Yards and other trade industries. My family have always been working class, hardworking union members throughout their years, finding comfort in the knowledge that the trade unions were there, fighting for their rights, conditions and safety.

In the past two years, however, Labor has seemed to have lost its way. Labor have been leaning further and further to the right, following the poll trends and the ‘easier options’, and not following their own principles. More and more often, Labor has been conceding to the Liberal view, either siding with the LNP’s decision to introduce mandatory Metadata collection and monitoring (even though the evidence shows that every country that has introduced these regulations are now either seeing their errors, or now having these regulations removed due to their inefficiency and exorbitant costs) Lowering their visionary standards (agreeing to a lower RET, meaning our Renewable Energy Target will be at an all-time, uninspiring level of around 5% by 2020 – Compared to China and America at 80% by 2050, and Denmark’s achievement of 140% a few months ago).

With all of this, I have been fooling myself, in the thoughts that “At least the Australian Labor Party (ALP) is not and “extreme” or “cruel” as the Liberal National Party (LNP) – at least I agree with many of ALP’s policies, compared to none of the LNP policies. This has now changed completely

Tonight, I have reached the decision to vote Greens for the first time at the next Federal election. I base this decision SOLELY on ALP’s decision to now adopt, or consider to adopt, the LNP policy of “Turning Back the Boats”. This decision is not a light decision, or even a decision that people may think ‘does not affect them’. This decision will affect every Australian at some point in their lives.

Allow me to clarify.

Using the field of music, I want to list some artists who were refugees. Bob Marley, Freddie Mercury, Gene Simmons, Angus & Malcolm Young, Bon Scott and Jimmy Barnes. Using these few names as an example, I want you to think of this.
Without Freddie Mercury, Queen may well have remained a garage band. All of the music that they created and inspired in others would be silent. Freddie’s roles as an ambassador for AIDS Awareness has potentially saved MILLIONS of lives.
Without Bob Marley, we would have missed out on the introduction to Reggae music into the mainstream. This would’ve stopped the progression to early forms of Punk & Ska. Marley also gave rise to other artists, such as Jimi Hendrix, Cream and Eric Clapton – not just covering his music, but embracing the soul of his music, and taking it to a different audience. Bob Marley also highlighted the dangers of smoking, dying of lung cancer at such a young age.
Without Gene Simmons, KISS would not have introduced us to GlamRock. A rock show would almost certainly be void of pyrotechnics and extravagant costumes.

Angus & Malcolm Young and Bon Scott, although not refugees, were migrants to Australia as part of the migrant wave of the 1950s. Jimmy Barnes was also a part of this wave. Without Australia’s acceptance of these kids, Australia would not have nurtured, and ultimately delivered these talents to the world.

I want you to imagine a world without the music of Queen, without mainstream Reggae or the larger-than-life presence of KISS. Imagine modern rock music without the influence of AC/DC. Music would be rather boring. Now think of everyone that relates to this music. The people that use a particular song to remember something good in their life. A song that perhaps has helped them get through a difficult time in their lives, marked a special occasion, a first kiss, the grieving of a loved one, or even an escape from the world and its nasty abuses. Without this music, where would these people be now?

Now I want you to think about the following names. Sigmund Freud, Dalai Lama, Albert Einstein, Ben Elton, Victor Hugo, Lord Maurice Saatchi, These names have all shaped the world for generations. Modern Psychology, Religious ideologies, Modern Theology, Quantum Physics, Atomic Energy, Relativity, Space Travel, Comedy, Musicals, TV Classics (The Young Ones, Bottom, etc) Classic Literature, and lastly on this list, Advertising.

All of these massive names were refugees.

Now, imagine what Australia is essentially turning around and punting back into the open seas. All of these modern discoveries. Talents that have essentially changed our lives in every sense, overlooked. Potentially being sent back to their deaths. This list does not include the many, many unsung heroes in our society. Surgeons, Doctors, Lawyers, Politicians, Business owners / employers, Athletes, Musicians, Artists, Actors, Activists and even the guy who makes your morning coffee. Every single one of these people could essentially change your day, or your life.

Now imagine that we are now essentially telling the world that, although we are a wealthy country, and managed to avoid the GFC, putting us in a position that was envied by every other OECD country around the world, although we have more than enough room for more people to live in this vast land, we are not only not accepting them, but we are stopping their boats in international waters and turning them back to face persecution, torture, rape and murder.

These human beings do not get on a boat for fun. They do not get on a boat to ‘jump the queue’. Many of them (98% at last estimate) choose this method of entry because they are fleeing in the dark of night. They are unable to get a visa or leave their country as they are fleeing the persecution of their government. They are fleeing imminent danger at the hands of political forces, police, military. Many of these people that I have personally met have left family – wives, children, babies, parents, siblings – because they simply could not bring them, risking their lives to get here and hopefully send for them when it was safe to do so. People have left infants, only to miss out on their formative years – having no contact apart from occasional phone-calls, never holding their children in their arms. This is not a decision that any parent would choose lightly.

Make no mistake, these policies are not “Turn Back the Boats”, rather, they are “Turn back the terrified, scared, inconsolable, injured, damaged, broken, depressed and desperate human beings.” It could also be said that we are turning away unknown prosperity, knowledge, wealth, intellect, skill, artistic talent and life-changing personalities that are the very wealth that Australia was built upon. Without immigration, Australia would be a very bland place (Imagine if since 1788, Australia remained a land of Irish and English convicts. We would have no Italian, Greek, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Jewish, Nordic, or even Russian people living here. Imagine how boring and plain our choices of restaurants would be? Without Immigration, Australia loses its very identity. Australia would cease to be the vibrant, interesting, amazing, diverse country that has made it the envy of the rest of the world. We would lose our identity as an accepting nation.

“Turning Back the Boats” will have disastrous effects for Australia, and more importantly, it will put the human beings that are on these boats into potential harm.

I will not vote for a party that supports this view, and therefore, I will no longer vote for Labor, and I am aware of several hundred people who have these same views, and will no longer be voting for Labor. I suspect that there will be many tens of thousands of voters who would share these same views, measured against only a handful that will decide to vote ALP over LNP based on this single policy. If this policy is changed to be more accepting and humane, perhaps I will reconsider, however I could not sleep soundly at night, knowing that a vote from me assisted in allowing a party into power who knowingly sends innocent men, women and children back to a country that could essentially rape, torture or murder them, simply for being who they are.

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Over the past few months, I have been spending some of my free time writing my first novel.

It is based on real people, discovered within my family tree. Their story, although unknown, is being imagined using the few details I have of this family. They were the first of my family to emigrate from Ireland to Australia, settling in Williamstown before heading to the Victorian Goldfields.

The story I am telling will be a cross-generational piece, covering at least three generations, and telling their story as best as I can. It will tell of the hardships faced by their children; living in post-famine Ireland before moving to a foreign land. The story of how they fended for themselves in the surly seaside streets of Williamstown before heading to the often lawless outskirts of the Goldfields of the Victorian Gold Rush. My fascination with this part of my family first began when I discovered their family headstone in my local Cemetery. It raised more questions than it answered, uncovering previously unknown children, and revealing some interesting facts.


Just a few of the characters who appear as a part of my Novel-in-Progress

I am currently nearing the 20,000 word landmark, making this officially my longest writing project ever undertaken, and I am only just getting started! Below is an excerpt from what I have so far.

“Inside however, he had never really grown out of his childhood, and whenever he could get away with it, he would let his inner child flourish. Of course, Margaret could never know of this, so it was kept a secret between himself and his Emerald Princess, Bridget. As they chatted, they both gazed at the wondrous sight before them. A thousand colours that had no names danced across the sky, stretching down from far above and disappearing beyond the hilltops in the distance.”

As things progress, I will endeavour to share more little tidbits of my writings, and perhaps if you are lucky, I might even call on some of you to proof-read a draft at some point?

My Novel


This is an interesting article I discovered online.

Simpsons and Fox have allowed Banksy to have full creative freedom on the intro sequence, allowing him to touch on some rather sensitive points in the creation of the animation cells in rather questionable situations.

check it out here

The Simpsons Vs Banksy, an Inspired Brand Partnership. | Truly Deeply/Madly.




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A little over a week ago now, my gorgeous Fiancé and I finally got married.

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It has been almost 12 years in the making, and many sleepless nights over the past 9 months spent organising, planning and constructing the various parts of the ceremony and reception.

But now, it is all over! Of course in this context, over is a good thing. We are finally married, and beginning our lives together.

And what a day!

For myself and my best man Nathan, the day began with a nice relaxing swim at the local beach in Williamstown. This was on my insistence, as swimming at the beach always relaxes me, and this was one day that we both needed to relax and enjoy the day.
From the beach, it was home again for a mud-mask (yes, working at Garnier has changed me!). We both applied a mask, turned up the tunes and poured a Bourbon. Before we knew it, the cars had arrived! I was still walking around in little more than a towel, so it was clearly time to get dressed!

We had two of the best GT Falcons I have seen in a long time, courtesy of my old design buddy Lee and his Brother Ricky. We took a cruise via the beach for some fresh air, before arriving at the church about 30 minutes early.

After greeting some friends and family, it was time for everything to begin.

The music began with “Kate Miller-Heidke – Starlings” which had people take their seats, in waiting for the arrival of the Bride. As planned, “Starlings” led into “George Harrison – Something”; The perfect love song, and such a fitting song for my gorgeous bride to walk down the aisle.



About half-way into the song, I turned to witness the most beautiful bride I have ever seen in my life; and she was walking toward me!

Catherine looked stunning! her dress was simply gorgeous, I couldn’t take my eyes off my bride-to-be. She was more beautiful at that moment than I have ever seen her before, in all of our years together.

The ceremony went as planned, no one passed out, tripped, caused embarrassment or any other horror stories that usually make their way to YouTube.

We left the church to “Squirrel Nut Zippers – The Suits Are Picking Up The Bill”; a great dixieland-esque track that we thought fitting for a celebration.

From the church, it was off for 3 hours of photography.
Photos started at the Williamstown Gardens, with some amazing locations within the grounds, including the main wrought-iron gate, which makes such an amazing backdrop for photography! From the Gardens, it was off to the spot where I proposed to Catherine, way back on May 22nd, 2012. It was a little strange being so dressed-up at hte local beach on a day as warm as it was.

Swimsuits and board-shorts were all around us, yet we were dressed to the nines in our finest outfits.

We had some more shots along the waterfront in Williamstown, overlooking the city, as well as at the Timeball Tower.
Before we knew it, it was time to head to the reception.

Seeing so many of our friends and family, some who had travelled from interstate simply to attend our special day was such a surreal moment, but knowing that tonight, we were the guests of honour; that was a true mind-bender! I for one am not used to being the centre of attention, much less applauded for entering a venue with my stunning bride.

There was much laughing, conversation and festivity. The music was well-received, with some interesting dancing on the dance floor.

The room looked amazing! Our wonderful Florist did an amazing job with the flowers for the tables, setting everything up and making the room look simply amazing. All of this, on top of the Bridal Bouquet, Buttonholes for the guys, and a corsage for each of the Mothers… simply an amazing Woman! Thank you Sue-Ellen!

Everyone had a great evening of delicious food, copious drinking, laughter, dancing, wonderful views across the bay to the city skyline, a perfect sunset and some excellent music from our resident DJ, Owen Mitchell.

All too soon, however, the evening was winding up to a close!
We managed to squeeze in the required speeches, including the Father of The Bride, Matron of Honour, Best Man (Including a musical number – video to follow!), as well as our speeches to thank everyone for all of their work, efforts and friendship over the years.

The bouquet and garter throws were next, with our friends Nicole and Shaun catching them. Their wedding will be in 5 weeks, so they didn’t waste any time! 😉

The car arrived to sweep us away, with the Theme from Love Boat played to see us off. We said our final farewells and jumped into the car, before taking the scenic route along the waterfront, en route to the honeymoon suite at “The Captain’s Retreat” in Williamstown.

What an amazing day! in some parts, it seemed like it flew by, but in others, it was such an emotional, fun-filled, action-packed day; and one that neither of us will forget any time soon.


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More copyright infringements…?!

hi guys

yes its been a while since I have written in here, but that’s what happens when planning a wedding!

rather than give a huge spiel on the process of planning a wedding (that’s coming later, don’t worry!) I wanted to rant for a change about ‘copyright infringements’.
yet again I have been threatened with legal action over my own artwork, as it contains celebrities. How is it that if I draw something myself, with a pencil on paper, in my own house, that I can then be subject to criminal proceedings when it resembles a celebrity? (A dead celebrity, at that!)

Music is a major part in my life, and the people who have created it are my idols. Drawings done by fans should not be frowned upon! obviously if I was printing up hundreds of t-shirts and selling them for a huge profit, I would understand that; but I have placed them on redbubble, they have been there for well over a year, and I have sold perhaps 2 greeting cards of each picture.

A grand profit of about .39cents.

By all means, pass on your account details, and I will give you 50%!

below are the images that have now been removed. I for one do not think they are super-great, but hardly a threat to the Queen empire or the Morrison Hotel chain…

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These two drawings now raise my currently banned list of drawings to 5. Considering some of the blatant copyright infringements out there in the world, I hardly think fan-art is a major threat to these industries, in fact, it can act as an advertising tool in their favour. If I have a poster printed of my artwork hanging up in my house, and a group of friends come over and question it, I would tell them about the movie or band.

I actually had a friend a few weeks ago admit sheepishly that he had not seen Star Wars before… ever!

This fact came up when he saw a drawing of my artwork showing Chewbacca (see here for the post about THAT one being banned)
He asked about what Chewbacca was, I told him, he admitted never seeing the films, and after a bit of persuasion, he has now purchased the box set.

So, Lucas Films, I expect a cut for my advertising of your films to the uneducated. Inbox me for payment details, and we can call it even.


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Graphic Design Through the Decades: The ’60s

I was recently browsing the internet for inspiration, and discovered this interesting collection of design from the 1960s. So much more inspiring than some of the design out there now… and remember, this was all done by traditional methods… no computers were harmed in the creation of this artwork!


Graphic Design Through the Decades: The ’60s.

via Graphic Design Through the Decades: The ’60s.

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Legal Dramas…

So today I received an email from RedBubble, the site where I sell all of my drawings and photography. (See here for more information)

This email was to inform me that three of my sketches have been removed, as they breached copyright. I have been ordered by Lucasfilms Pty. Ltd. to remove the pieces, and cease selling them.
Do I take this as a compliment, or a slap in the face?

I choose to take it as a compliment.

That said, I will not stop sharing the pieces, in fact I will post them in this post further down to show you what the argument is all about.
Firstly, I sketched these drawings myself, with a pencil and paper. I used inspiration from the internet that is freely available to use, some were even on Lucasfilm’s own website. These were then printed, and I drew the final pieces from scratch over the course of a few days each. So is this work breaching their copyright licenses, or are the pieces deemed original?
I have never claimed that these pieces were official releases, in fact I went to say that “the drawings were inspired by the cult Star Wars trilogy”. They were all clearly labelled “Pencil Drawing / Illustration” and was obviously NOT an officially released image of the characters.

The email I received reads as follows:

Dear Patrick

We are contacting you in accordance with the Redbubble policy, as a result of us having received a complaint from Lucasfilm Ltd., specifically naming the following content:

As you will be aware from our policy, Redbubble requires a certain amount of information before it acts on such a complaint, including that:

–          the relevant content is specifically named;

–          the complaint come from the owner of the respective rights (or someone authorised to act on their behalf); and

–          they have a good faith belief that the use of the relevant content is not authorised by the owner, its agent or the law.

On the basis of that information and in accordance with our agreement and policy with you, we’ve removed the above mentioned content from Redbubble.

If you believe that removal of the above content is the result of a mistake (for example, that you have authorisation) or misidentification, you can send us a counter notice. Such counter notice must provide the following information –

1.       an electronic or physical signature of the person authorised to act on behalf of the owner of the relevant matter;

2.       a description of the content which we have removed, including the URL on which the content was located on the Redbubble site;

3.       your address, telephone number, and email address;

4.       a statement by you that you consent to the jurisdiction of the Federal District Court, Santa Clara County, California, United States and that you will accept service of process from the person who provided notification described above or an agent of such person;

5.       a statement by you that, under penalty of perjury, you have a good faith belief that the material was removed or disabled as a result of mistake or misidentification of the material to be removed or disabled;

You can send a counter notice to

A sample counter notice can be viewed at

Before providing such notice, you should be aware that we are obliged to inform the complainant that you have provided that notice (and provide a copy of your counter-notice to them) and that their next step would be to take court action against you in the United States.
Now to me this seems a little unfair. If I wanted to contest it, or question it, I would apparently be taken to court in the US system, which we all know is all about huge payouts for the already rich. So what avenues can I take? Well, obviously none. I was considering reuploading the artwork as a private item, so only I could purchase them as greeting cards, but I need to look into the legalities of that also.

The images in question are shown here:

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what do you guys think? Are these drawings really that bad? Are they really causing LucasFilms to lose money, and perhaps go without food on their tables?