Life is getting weird…

Posted: April 18, 2004 in Catherine, Guitar, Personal, Work

Hi everyone

been feeling a bit strange lately, like high strung, but not. hard to explain, i know. tohught i could unload it all in here…

feeling very sad about my weight again/still. i have tried eating healthy, dieting etc, and nothing works. in fact that soup diet (kick start) which is supposed to lose 4-6kg in a week, made me gain 1kg.

my weight is at a constant 115kg (about 230 pounds) at the moment, and i cant get any lower. the plus is it doesnt go higher either.

excersise isnt working, i walk heaps for work, and i used to ride my bike heaps, but i cant go extreme, because of my asthma and my arthritis.

I tried a walk to williamstown the other day, about 5 or more kilometres all up (weaving the backstreets) and i ended up damaging a muscle in my foot, so i couldnt get home.

i have lost my job, firstly because of my company going under because of insurance for crowd controllers, and secondly over something i am not proud of, and i can’t tell cathryn about it either.

Mum’s car is off the road, needs an entire new engine, brakes, steering and cooling. got to help get money for that, as she isnt earning (on a pension)

on the plus though i am building a new electric guitar! the last one i did was in year 9, about 1996 i think. wanted the last one to be woodgrain, but people were mean and fucked it up, so i had to make it red.
so the new one is going to woodgrain, 1962 stratocaster, complete with original 62 parts and all chrome scratchplate and parts (knobs etc) going to look fantastic!!! (I hope) 🙂

if anyone has any advice on weightloss, please leave a message here!!! i would be interested in hearing anything at all that has worked for you or a friend!

thanks guys, talk again soon

~*Axeman Out*~

  1. elliebelly says:

    Hey, I hear ya. I’m hardly one to talk, but maybe if you haven’t tried, not eating after 6, and having your main meal at lunchtime with no carbs after about 3. And fruit for morning and afternoon tea. Even if it doesn’t help you lose weight, I know it makes you feel better when you don’t eat late at night. That’s always a bonus. (I didn’t realise how crap I felt in the morning until I stopped leaving meals till late, and then yesterday went back to having dinner at 9. Eurgh.)
    Bummer about your job. Are you looking for something else? If so, what sort of thing?
    Anyway, hope you start to feel better soon.

  2. thanks dude
    i might try that, sounds like common sense really ay?
    yeah i know, i was expecting it, but still a pian
    looking for a graphics job, but they is damn hard to get!!!

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