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Labor has officially lost my vote.

Let me explain this properly. As previously mentioned, I have been a Labor voter ever since I could vote. My Grandparents, and all relatives back to Federation have been Labor voters, due in part to their employment at the local Rail Yards, Dock Yards and other trade industries. My family have always been working class, hardworking union members throughout their years, finding comfort in the knowledge that the trade unions were there, fighting for their rights, conditions and safety.

In the past two years, however, Labor has seemed to have lost its way. Labor have been leaning further and further to the right, following the poll trends and the ‘easier options’, and not following their own principles. More and more often, Labor has been conceding to the Liberal view, either siding with the LNP’s decision to introduce mandatory Metadata collection and monitoring (even though the evidence shows that every country that has introduced these regulations are now either seeing their errors, or now having these regulations removed due to their inefficiency and exorbitant costs) Lowering their visionary standards (agreeing to a lower RET, meaning our Renewable Energy Target will be at an all-time, uninspiring level of around 5% by 2020 – Compared to China and America at 80% by 2050, and Denmark’s achievement of 140% a few months ago).

With all of this, I have been fooling myself, in the thoughts that “At least the Australian Labor Party (ALP) is not and “extreme” or “cruel” as the Liberal National Party (LNP) – at least I agree with many of ALP’s policies, compared to none of the LNP policies. This has now changed completely

Tonight, I have reached the decision to vote Greens for the first time at the next Federal election. I base this decision SOLELY on ALP’s decision to now adopt, or consider to adopt, the LNP policy of “Turning Back the Boats”. This decision is not a light decision, or even a decision that people may think ‘does not affect them’. This decision will affect every Australian at some point in their lives.

Allow me to clarify.

Using the field of music, I want to list some artists who were refugees. Bob Marley, Freddie Mercury, Gene Simmons, Angus & Malcolm Young, Bon Scott and Jimmy Barnes. Using these few names as an example, I want you to think of this.
Without Freddie Mercury, Queen may well have remained a garage band. All of the music that they created and inspired in others would be silent. Freddie’s roles as an ambassador for AIDS Awareness has potentially saved MILLIONS of lives.
Without Bob Marley, we would have missed out on the introduction to Reggae music into the mainstream. This would’ve stopped the progression to early forms of Punk & Ska. Marley also gave rise to other artists, such as Jimi Hendrix, Cream and Eric Clapton – not just covering his music, but embracing the soul of his music, and taking it to a different audience. Bob Marley also highlighted the dangers of smoking, dying of lung cancer at such a young age.
Without Gene Simmons, KISS would not have introduced us to GlamRock. A rock show would almost certainly be void of pyrotechnics and extravagant costumes.

Angus & Malcolm Young and Bon Scott, although not refugees, were migrants to Australia as part of the migrant wave of the 1950s. Jimmy Barnes was also a part of this wave. Without Australia’s acceptance of these kids, Australia would not have nurtured, and ultimately delivered these talents to the world.

I want you to imagine a world without the music of Queen, without mainstream Reggae or the larger-than-life presence of KISS. Imagine modern rock music without the influence of AC/DC. Music would be rather boring. Now think of everyone that relates to this music. The people that use a particular song to remember something good in their life. A song that perhaps has helped them get through a difficult time in their lives, marked a special occasion, a first kiss, the grieving of a loved one, or even an escape from the world and its nasty abuses. Without this music, where would these people be now?

Now I want you to think about the following names. Sigmund Freud, Dalai Lama, Albert Einstein, Ben Elton, Victor Hugo, Lord Maurice Saatchi, These names have all shaped the world for generations. Modern Psychology, Religious ideologies, Modern Theology, Quantum Physics, Atomic Energy, Relativity, Space Travel, Comedy, Musicals, TV Classics (The Young Ones, Bottom, etc) Classic Literature, and lastly on this list, Advertising.

All of these massive names were refugees.

Now, imagine what Australia is essentially turning around and punting back into the open seas. All of these modern discoveries. Talents that have essentially changed our lives in every sense, overlooked. Potentially being sent back to their deaths. This list does not include the many, many unsung heroes in our society. Surgeons, Doctors, Lawyers, Politicians, Business owners / employers, Athletes, Musicians, Artists, Actors, Activists and even the guy who makes your morning coffee. Every single one of these people could essentially change your day, or your life.

Now imagine that we are now essentially telling the world that, although we are a wealthy country, and managed to avoid the GFC, putting us in a position that was envied by every other OECD country around the world, although we have more than enough room for more people to live in this vast land, we are not only not accepting them, but we are stopping their boats in international waters and turning them back to face persecution, torture, rape and murder.

These human beings do not get on a boat for fun. They do not get on a boat to ‘jump the queue’. Many of them (98% at last estimate) choose this method of entry because they are fleeing in the dark of night. They are unable to get a visa or leave their country as they are fleeing the persecution of their government. They are fleeing imminent danger at the hands of political forces, police, military. Many of these people that I have personally met have left family – wives, children, babies, parents, siblings – because they simply could not bring them, risking their lives to get here and hopefully send for them when it was safe to do so. People have left infants, only to miss out on their formative years – having no contact apart from occasional phone-calls, never holding their children in their arms. This is not a decision that any parent would choose lightly.

Make no mistake, these policies are not “Turn Back the Boats”, rather, they are “Turn back the terrified, scared, inconsolable, injured, damaged, broken, depressed and desperate human beings.” It could also be said that we are turning away unknown prosperity, knowledge, wealth, intellect, skill, artistic talent and life-changing personalities that are the very wealth that Australia was built upon. Without immigration, Australia would be a very bland place (Imagine if since 1788, Australia remained a land of Irish and English convicts. We would have no Italian, Greek, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Jewish, Nordic, or even Russian people living here. Imagine how boring and plain our choices of restaurants would be? Without Immigration, Australia loses its very identity. Australia would cease to be the vibrant, interesting, amazing, diverse country that has made it the envy of the rest of the world. We would lose our identity as an accepting nation.

“Turning Back the Boats” will have disastrous effects for Australia, and more importantly, it will put the human beings that are on these boats into potential harm.

I will not vote for a party that supports this view, and therefore, I will no longer vote for Labor, and I am aware of several hundred people who have these same views, and will no longer be voting for Labor. I suspect that there will be many tens of thousands of voters who would share these same views, measured against only a handful that will decide to vote ALP over LNP based on this single policy. If this policy is changed to be more accepting and humane, perhaps I will reconsider, however I could not sleep soundly at night, knowing that a vote from me assisted in allowing a party into power who knowingly sends innocent men, women and children back to a country that could essentially rape, torture or murder them, simply for being who they are.


Some of you my not realise this, many of you will.
My father walked out on us many years ago now.

Now, over the years, this has affected me less and less, and we were never really close. Apart from the verbal abuse and the occasional physical abuse, things were rather distant between us, with a lot of ‘tip-toeing’ around the place in case we disturbed him or upset him somehow. We occasionally did things together; like perhaps go to a movie, or even the Melbourne Show, but those times were rather tense, and felt almost forced. The majority of the time was spent trying not to upset him, say something that he disagreed with or simply not saying anything at all to avoid confrontation.

My whole childhood was spent like this to some extent; either trying to avoid confrontation, or simply trying to escape it once it hit.

I couldn’t have friends over often, as that upset him. After a while, I stopped asking them over anyway, as it was just easier to have them avoid the house entirely. I wouldn’t be allowed to stay at a friend’s place very often, and I would need to give notice and let him know exactly when I would return. any later, and all hell would break loose.

I couldn’t sleep with my bedroom door closed, as he didn’t trust me. So for the most part, I would have to have the door open. One time I closed it to see what would happen… The door was kicked in, he yelled “You want it closed?! then HERE, have it closed!!” he then slammed the door so hard, that the door frame was dislodged, and it took me 30 minutes to open it again.

To this day, I still close the bedroom door every night.

Many things still upset me about that period of my life, but if there is one thing I have learned from it all, it’s this.

“If you let one event in your past define who you are in the present, then that event has won.”

If I let these events and bad memories from my childhood affect who I become as an adult, then he has won. I will NOT let that happen, and am doing everything I can to be nothing like him.

At this time of year though, Fathers Day, I tend to get a little nostalgic. Not about my own childhood, but about a stereotypical father-figure, the kind that the ads and the movies depict. A lot of my friends have really awesome dads who they all do things with, and enjoy hanging out together. Even a simple beer at the pub, or a trip to the footy.

Part of me feels that I was cheated of these experiences, but I know that some people never get to know their fathers. I am not complaining, by any means, however in some ways I wish that if it was possible to do it all again, I would prefer not knowing my father, if he was going to act the way he did.

Father’s day is always difficult to see most of the other people around me celebrating and giving gifts. The last Father’s day I remember actually giving him a gift, by the end of the day the gift had been thrown through a wall out of anger, over a trivial little thing. After that, I stopped buying him gifts.

This post has become a bit of a rant now, but my point was simply to express how I can sometimes be a little upset around Father’s Day. sometimes I don’t even realise why, but all of the advertising and commercials subliminally get me in a down mood. I only realised this morning when I was laying in bed listening to the radio that it was coming up (Remember, I work in the advertising industry!) and I was finally able to put two and two together. I was in a bit of a distant mood yesterday, and that was possibly the reason.

But as I said, the past events will not define who I am to become.

Although upset about the day, my life goes on, and I put it behind me. I look at the positive things in my life, and ignore the negatives. Life is too short to worry about anything and everything. Lately I have had too many negative things in my life; from people, events and family drama. But where possible, these things are cut from my life, discarded ad forgotten. These things are not worth my constant worry and distress.

Don’t get me wrong, I am always happy to help a friend or even a stranger, but if the person is simply wanting to dump their worries and not want to try to better them, or move forward, then there is nothing I can do for them. I have my own worries and stresses, and I simply don’t have time to sympathise with these people about things that will never change simply by their own choice.

Life goes on, and if you aren’t quick, you’ll miss it.
Enjoy every moment you possibly can!