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My question for Border Force is, if the press release was simply “badly worded”, why have we not been told of its ACTUAL definition and intention? We have been told it was “incorrect”, and the operation was cancelled, but what was the CORRECT definition of these “incorrect words”…??!

VicPol were apparently (off the record) talking of their disgust in these plans, having no idea of the operation, yet today, Tony DumDum has said that the whole idea was VicPol’s, and that DumDum and the office of DumDum had no knowledge of this operation taking place at all… If Border Force are acting on National Security, and are a government department, WHY does his office apparently have no notification of it?!

Either DumDum is lying to us (again/still), or Border Force are following in the footsteps of Hitler’s Nazi Party, and circumventing the acting government and becoming a power above the law of the land… This is only 6 weeks into their existence, so expect more of this behaviour in the months to come. We can only hope that the next government work to disband Border Force, and launch a Royal Commission into our current government’s abuses of human rights…

Australia is (was) better than this. I am embarrassed and ashamed to call myself Australian under this government. A country built on immigration, suddenly becoming a police-state and essentially reverting to the teachings of Nazi Germany to weed out those ‘undesirables’ amongst us… it is a deplorable and lazy way to do things…



My name is Patrick, and I have always been a Labor voter and supporter since I was first allowed to vote.
I have been known to have many a heated argument, defending policies with friends, family and strangers.
I have recently read that Labor, if they win at the next election, will take an even tougher stance to asylum seeker arrivals.
As a new visitor to the Broadmeadows Detention facility, I find this news to be disappointing.
This nation has been built on the blood sweat and hardworking backs of immigrants. We have all grown up with people from other countries surrounding us, either in our schools or our communities.
It is what makes Australia such an amazing and unique place to live. Until recently, we have been an envy of other countries all around the world. When travelling, I have always been proud to tell strangers that I was Australian.
This has ended now. I am now vocally ashamed to be Australian. When did our values as a country change so drastically?
We have essentially turned our back on the very piece of international law that has built our country into the great power it is, the UN Convention of Refugees, 1952. The piece of legislation that saw so many of our Italian, Greek, Maltese, German, Polish and many other nationalities settle here after World War 2, and has assisted so many other people to settle here when their countries were being ravaged by wars, famine, terror and disaster.
Friends of mine who travel now tell people they are from New Zealand, as it has become too shameful to admit that they are from a land who does not respect people from other lands or with other beliefs.
I currently visit the Broadmeadows Detention Facility (MITA) specifically to spend time with the ASIO negatively assessed Tamil men. These men have been held in detention without charge (at least, none they have been informed of) for five or six years, and in some cases, longer than six years. This is at the same time as we have Domestic Violence Perpetrators serving 3 month suspended sentences. Drink Drivers serving 2 years but being released on good behaviour, and rapists being released on parole, often reoffending, as seen in the Jill Meagher case.
In recent days I have been listening to many in the media and even politics complaining that Indonesia has breached International Law by executing the two men, but there has not been any mention that our current government do the same every single day, leaving people in detention for over six years without charge.
I ask, with the LNP practically handing you the leadership of this country on a platter with their disgusting abuse of human rights, their ignorance for international treaties and recommendations by the United Nations, Amnesty International and the Human Rights Commission, not to mention a common disregard for human decency, with Tony Abbott and his imbeciles constantly opening their mouths to the sound of completely farcical and moronic statements, press releases and god-forbid their foreign speech bluffs… with all of this, how can you now say that you will not only side with the LNP policies, but take them further?
This not only relates to the Asylum Seeker policies, of course. This also includes Metadata, Equal Rights for Same Sex Marriage, the Maintaining Good Order of Immigration Detention Facilities, as well as a spate of smaller policies that the ALP have somehow not blocked, or even raised concerns.
Not so many years ago Labor held a convincing lead in the polls over John Howard. Although he was unpopular at the time, he was nowhere near the level of incompetence or danger of the current ‘leader’ of the LNP. How is it that Labor can now only manage a very slim margin of preference over this bumbling fool?
This is the least successful government of our great country that I have known. Please ask yourself why it is that Labor cannot have a convincing lead in the Two Party Preferred polls?
I fear that the Labor party has lost its way. It has lost its vision of a better Australia for all, and is now only trying to win votes in the polls. It is a dirty race to the bottom.
I do not want to vote for the Greens, however their humanitarian policies leave both major parties far behind. This is where your voting constituents are headed, and in droves. I feel my arm is being twisted and I am being forced to leave this once great party, and all in the name of common decency to innocent people who are only wanting to be treated with the dignity that they deserve.
Please try and remember your way, remember that without freedoms, justice and decency, we are no better than many of the countries we are currently at war with.
I look forward to your reply, and even the ability to discuss my concerns further, but as I have seen with past emails to members of Parliament, i expect a templated reply that does not answer any questions but “values my input into important matters.”

I have been embarrassed to be an Australian since this bunch of manic sociopaths cheated and lied their way into parliament. Today, I am officially ashamed to be Australian… a county that has been built on immigration since 1788, and being one of the most multicultural countries in the developed world… simply denying settlement of those who are fleeing murder, genocide, rape, torture, persecution and even “disappearance”, and then offering an olive branch by using the children in detention as a bargaining chip for your disgusting offer?

The UN are watching. The World is watching. Scott Morrison, you are a vile little man, and I personally cannot wait until you see the Hague and are sentenced under International Law for your total disregard for Human Rights, the incarceration of unaccompanied minors and children as young as 6 weeks old and Common Decency toward fellow men and women.…/the-senate-has-agreed-to-re…/5945576
Senator Scott Ludlam speaks volumes about the justices of this disgusting bill… Scott Morrison simply wants more power for himself, with no regard to the innocent lives he is essentially placing into limbo. Using the children currently in detention as a bargaining chip for his own sick agenda, is simply deplorable…

Senator Sarah Hanson-Young
 tells it as it is… a disgusting, vile, appalling and embarrassing turn of events…

For members of Parliament to hand out others phone numbers and have the children in detention call the senators and tug at their heartstrings, and play on the political minefield, and not get them out of detention (which could have been done at any time by Scott Morrison) in exchange for introducing TPV Visas, which will give people 3 years of uncertainty, no ability to work, and after 3 years, the very real possibility of being sent back to the hell that was their home, is simply disgusting. How dare they give out phone numbers. How dare they use the children as negotiators for their sick games…

If the government had nothing to hide, and the detention centres arren’t as disgusting, abusive, dangerous and potentially life-threatening, enough for the children to need to beg for their release, then why do they constantly deny the UN, Gillian Triggs, Julian Burnside QC, Labor, Greens and other parliament members, Media (that aren’t Murdoch press) entry to talk with the people there? What is so bad that they find the need to hide it from the world??

I would like to apologies in advance. I have been reading some absolutely disgusting comments in various publications regarding the current situation in Australia regarding Refugees, Detainees and Asylum Seekers being held in Detention Centres. It is not the Australia I was born into, grew up in, and live in… What we as a country are becoming is a racist, bigoted collection of haters.
This is not The Australia I want to be associated with.

Not in my name.

Just to make sure that people understand the last few weeks in the media (as the LNP are trying to change the discussion, with talks of raising the Terror Threat Level, Gillard on trial etc)
The latest death in detention was because the man was DENIED medical treatment for a cut foot. This developed into septicaemia, causing an agonising death. To even get septicaemia, the conditions need to be rather poor (septic, like a septic tank, folks!). As a government-run facility (by third parties, employed under contract of the Department of Immigration), this is disgusting and reprehensible.

There are prisoners locked up for actual crimes (Murder, Rape, Molestation etc) who get medical treatment, university degrees (Julian Knight), Foxtel, and not to mention psychiatric assistance where required.

Some people are saying that because ‘where they came from’ was 3rd world and war-torn, that they do not deserve the bare minimum afforded to our most disgusting prisoners, found guilty of actual crimes?

I have met some of these Detainees, many/all have already received Refugee status, but because of government red-tape, they are kept in detention. Some have been detained for over 5 years, with no end in sight.
All of this, because they have sought refuge from war, torture and persecution?
So before you have the thought of “Why should they complain about the meagre offerings we are giving them?”, know this.
Australia is a signatory to the UN convention of Refugees. This COMMITS Australia to assist ANY person seeking Refuge, to process their claim in a TIMELY manner, and to not discriminate based on their mode of arrival. It could be plane (most recently there were some AIDS Convention speakers, and previously some Commonwealth Games Athletes etc) Boats (Almost everyone in detention centres) Parachute, Tunnel systems under the oceans, shot from a cannon from North Korea… We are BOUND to accepting them, processing them in a TIMELY manner, and assisting them in any way possible.
Turning boats around, transferring people to ‘rescue boats’ and towing them back, or even handing them to foreign navy vessels in INTERNATIONAL waters is no better (and no different) to Piracy.

Australia SHOULD be better than that.

Currently, the Prime-Minister Julia Gillard and the ex-Prime-Minister Kevin Rudd are in a leadership battle, both vying for the top seat, and willing to destroy the entire Labor Party to get there.

Or are they?

Both have been asked, both on and off the record, and both have flatly denied it.
Julia has said that she is “Committed to serving the country, and leading through until the next election in 2012-13”.
Kevin has said “I am happy in my current role as Foreign Minister, and will not challenge for leadership”

However, the media have a different story. The media would have us believe that both Kevin & Julia are planning a battle, the likes of which Australian Politics have never seen before. I dub this battle “Canberrageddon”. Remember, every scrap of talk of this entire ‘leadership challenge’ is emanating from either the mainstream media, or the Liberal party. Labor have flatly denied it, no one from Labor has peeped a single utterance of anything that is ‘in the pipeline’ or a ‘innevitable battle of the leaders’.

My beliefs on this are simple. The Liberal party have run out of scare-mongering ideas to attempt to stonewall Labor, from the ‘Dirty Toxic Taxes’ talks, to the ‘NBN Cost Blowout’, and of course the ‘Global Financial Crisis’, and have somehow come to the conclusion, that running a stonewalling campaign to completely block media coverage of anything else the Government is doing will make it seem like they aren’t doing anything at all.

Firstly, the ‘Carbon Tax’ that we have is because every other option was blocked by the Liberals in the Senate. Labor wanted an “Emissions Trading Scheme”, but Liberals blocked it. Nothing could change their minds. Rather than look like they had gone against an election promise to do something positive in regards to planet conservation, they tried again with an option of a “Carbon Tax”. Liberals let it through the Senate, no problems. Then they went to the media and cried “Wolf!”, claiming that this tax would cause every single Australian to drop back to a 3rd world status, go hungry, fuel costs would rise dramatically, as would water costs… Pretty much the entire plot of Mad Max 2.
The Carbon Tax is a tax on Big Businesses that pollute the environment and remove resources to export and sell off-shore. The tax would mean they would pay a tax on the resources removed, increasing the Government’s funds, lowering the surplus, which then gets put back into Hospitals, Schools and Infrastructure.
No individuals are going to be taxed, and quite a large portion would be compensated through pensions and unemployment payments.
Doing nothing would have opened the Government to a barrage of “So your targets of 2020 are a joke now, huh” type comments.
I cannot believe people are whingeing and crying ‘murder’ over something designed to make this world a cleaner, more enjoyable place for us, our children and our children’s children!

The NBN is something that many people consider a luxury that is not required.
Firstly, the idea for a National Fibre Network was originally suggested by John Howard, but after laying a ton of cables alongside new rail lines, the idea was scrapped. These cables were never activated, and remain underground, waiting to be used and to earn some of their costs back. The Liberal Party are against the NBN, most-likely because Labor are using a Howard idea that they changed their minds on, effectively taking a discarded idea, and running with it. The Liberal alternative (That Tony Abbott went on record to say was cheaper, faster and more efficient than the NBN) was a National Wireless Network.
Anyone who knows anything about technology knows that Fibre Optics is the fastest option we will ever have. It consists of a laser beam being sent down a glass tube, pulsating a signal to the other end. Wireless technology is plagued with problems. Interference, signal loss, out of range, weather conditions, etc. Ask anyone who has a laptop and works on the road how frustrating it is to do their work when out of a built-up city. Now multiply that by 1,000 when all internet users are jamming up the airwaves. Welcome to the Liberal Party Internet Service.

I’m sorry, Liberal Party, but nothing travels faster than light/laser. You can argue all you like, however Albert Einstein, whilst dead, will prove you wrong.

The NBN is required for many things, porn playing a rather small part of this factor. Education via internet to remote communities, medical purposes; possibly even robotic surgery – controlled by a surgeon in Sydney for a sick child in Darwin would be possible… I would not trust this on Wireless Internet. Not to mention that the rest of the world has much, much better internet than we do! I saw this first hand in New York and especially in Japan. Both had speeds that blew me away, and that was just in the Internet Cafes.
We are currently using outdated copper lines, some as old as 75 years, to transmit data through at incredible speeds. It is not what the lines were designed for. They are at capacity now, and have no room to grow. The time is here for us to either upgrade, or remain at this level forever, and in a few years, we will resemble the infrastructure of Cuba.

Oh, my favourite complaint of the Liberal Party. The Global Financial Crisis.
Somehow this can be used against Labor, almost suggesting that this was entirely the doings of th Labor Party, yet it is also used as an excuse as to why the Liberals cannot release a detailed and comprehensive Shadow Budget. One of the few things that an Opposition is meant to do.
Firstly, no, it was not the fault of the Labor Party, nor was it the fault of anyone in Australia. The GFC was a result of over lending and overborrowing in the Wall St sector of NYC, and the Banks that funded their lavish lifestyles of spending (seriously, watch ‘Wall Street’… this is what they were like!). The banks were loaning more than they had, and the Wall St Traders were simply pissing it down the drain, and asking for more. As a result, many families lost their homes, as the banks simply upped the interest rates on their loans to try to make more money, Wall St crashed and burned (figuratively speaking) and as a result, the entire economic world came to a grinding halt. This was worse than the Great Depression of the 1920s.

That said, Australia barely felt a shockwave. Thanks to some quick thinking from the Labor Government, and their leader at the time Kevin Rudd, they worked out that by giving every registered voter a $700 payment, and told them to spend it, they could save the local economy. Since this has happened, many world leaders have praised Australia for coming out of this GFC relatively unscathed. Our Treasurer Wayne Swann has been given awards for his work done, and recognised around the world. Our dollar is currently much higher than it was, entering the GFC at about $0.70US, and coming out, today resting at $1.07US.
This is the highest our dollar has been since it was floated by Bob Hawke in 1988.
According to the Liberals, however, Labor was irresponsible, caused some debt, and was irrational. They have even gone as far as practically blaming Labor for the Wall St crash.

So would it be such a stretch to think that Abbott and his moronic followers and helper-monkeys could have concocted a story about an otherwise long-forgotten issue over ‘who gets to sit in the big chair’ simply to blanket the media in this drivel, and block out any of the other changes and improvements that might be being made in Government?

Honestly, I am sick of hearing of “The Leadership Battle”, I want to get back to policies and actual work of a Government.

Last night’s “Q and A” or #qanda as it is known on Twitter, spent half the show whingeing over who said this or that and who knows what about the leadership battle. It took Bill Shorten to point this out, and even say “We have spent half the show talking about this matter. That’s half the show we will never get back. That’s time we could’ve spent discussing actual policies.”

Well said, Bill Shorten!