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More copyright infringements…?!

Posted: February 9, 2013 in Art, Movies, Music, Rant, Work

hi guys

yes its been a while since I have written in here, but that’s what happens when planning a wedding!

rather than give a huge spiel on the process of planning a wedding (that’s coming later, don’t worry!) I wanted to rant for a change about ‘copyright infringements’.
yet again I have been threatened with legal action over my own artwork, as it contains celebrities. How is it that if I draw something myself, with a pencil on paper, in my own house, that I can then be subject to criminal proceedings when it resembles a celebrity? (A dead celebrity, at that!)

Music is a major part in my life, and the people who have created it are my idols. Drawings done by fans should not be frowned upon! obviously if I was printing up hundreds of t-shirts and selling them for a huge profit, I would understand that; but I have placed them on redbubble, they have been there for well over a year, and I have sold perhaps 2 greeting cards of each picture.

A grand profit of about .39cents.

By all means, pass on your account details, and I will give you 50%!

below are the images that have now been removed. I for one do not think they are super-great, but hardly a threat to the Queen empire or the Morrison Hotel chain…

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These two drawings now raise my currently banned list of drawings to 5. Considering some of the blatant copyright infringements out there in the world, I hardly think fan-art is a major threat to these industries, in fact, it can act as an advertising tool in their favour. If I have a poster printed of my artwork hanging up in my house, and a group of friends come over and question it, I would tell them about the movie or band.

I actually had a friend a few weeks ago admit sheepishly that he had not seen Star Wars before… ever!

This fact came up when he saw a drawing of my artwork showing Chewbacca (see here for the post about THAT one being banned)
He asked about what Chewbacca was, I told him, he admitted never seeing the films, and after a bit of persuasion, he has now purchased the box set.

So, Lucas Films, I expect a cut for my advertising of your films to the uneducated. Inbox me for payment details, and we can call it even.



Quick Update For Now…

Posted: November 20, 2001 in Car, Catherine, Movies

Okay where do I start…?

I forgot to mention before that I went to the movies on Friday with Cathryn and her Dad to see The Man Who Sued God (The new Billy Connolly one), and I must say that it is a very good movie, easy on the mind, and funny too… Actually turned out to be a love story!

Ummm…. I think I figured out what to get Cathryn for our Anniversary, although it is a little late… but I think I have a good excuse, seeing I was helping her move all weekend, and didn’t get a chance to get her anything…

Ooooooo!!!! On the weekend, my Rearview mirror fell off, (Actually on Friday Evening) so I called the guy to come and fix it, and he said the earliest was Monday, so I had to go all weekend without a rearview mirror, and I’ll tell you now, you never know how much you actually use it until it is gone!!!

And if Jennie is reading this, GET ME SOMETHING GROOVY IN IRELAND TOMORROW!!!! And see you really soon!!!! we’ve all missed you, and you have missed out on sooooooooo much!!!!!!

Talk to everyone really soon, I am going to go to bed now…

~*Axeman Out*~