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Feb Photo 13 – Blue

Posted: February 13, 2012 in Art, Car, Feb Photo, Meme, Personal

Feb Photo 13 – Blue

Lately I have been getting into the photoshopping of classic cars. Recently there was a vintage car show in my neighbourhood, held down on a disused (but sturdy!) pier, with over 200 vintage cars showing up for the fundraising event. This is one of the cars I photographed for my photographic manipulation sessions.

The fact that this car, a 1932 Ford Cruiser, is even still functional is a marvel in itself, but to see it in this fine condition, driveable and looking like it has just been bought brand new, is simply amazing. I am not a rev-head by any means, however I do appreciate the work that has gone into them, not to mention the money involved in taking on a project like this. The level of detail is simply amazing, considering one cannot simply go into a local garage and purchase spare parts over the counter.

My photoshopping tasks are simple. I photograph the cars, clip them (remove all background elements, so it is just a car), then I attempt to remove as much of the reflected interference (some of these cars are VERY reflective!). I then add a shadow to them, and upload them to my RedBubble site, where I sell them as greeting cards, canvasses, prints and even iPhone cases. As well as the cars, I have uploaded a good amount of my artwork from sketches and paintings to digital creations.

The above photograph was taken at Seaworks, Williamstown, Victoria, Australia. The day these were shot, there was a Lions Fundraiser event, $5 entry, and 200+ cars to ogle over. This particular car was a favourite, due to its vintage-style paint work, stickers and style.

Below is a link to my RedBubble site, feel free to purchase some of my artwork! ๐Ÿ™‚

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Posted: July 2, 2005 in Car, Work

I also have other news, which I couldnt bear to post in the last entry.

This week I have been getting calls from all over about jobs, which is unusual, as I rarely get an email, let alone a call.

On Wednesday I started work at Latrobe University in Bundoora working in their digital copy centre, as well as their manual printing department. I was loving it, going hard at it, earning money for a change.

Got a call on Wednesday from a studio in South Melbourne, and could I come in for an interview. sure, no problems, see you Thursday arvo!

Thursday I went to work, told them I needed the afternoon off for an interview. they were totally cool with that, so thanks boss!

Went to the interview, went all good. same Questions I would normally get (software, experience etc) then it went on to favourite music etc. all was good, said goodbyes, and left it at that. Normally thats the last I hear of them (hard to get into the industry, not that I suck at it or anything, at least I hope I don’t)

On the way home from the interview on Thursday, I got a phonecall. The Studio in South Melbourne wanted me in for a one week trial!!! Said I would check with my current boss, as I owed it to them.

Friday, talked to LAtrobe about it, they said go for it. I made sure that they knew I didnt want to quit, and would happily do both if I could. Also, if the week trial didn’t turn out, could I come back, and they said, if the position is still vacant, it is mine.

So starting Monday, I am working in a studio in South Melbourne (Melbourne’s Design Capital) doing what I have wanted to do for a damn long time!

Everyone cross your fingers for me? hopefully I can hold onto this, as I really need it, and would help my career soooo much!

All I need to do now is give Latrobe 2 weeks notice (one week for the trial, one more week back at Latrobe, and I am out. I will have to talk to South Melbourne about that, hopefully it will all work out for me…


I have been having car troubles, financial troubles, etc for a long time now, from broken bits on my car, to security license renewal, re-neducation in security for new laws etc, rego for car, on top of trying to move out on my own sometime in the near future.

meh, i hate money!

talk soon, comment if you like, would be appreciated!
a double post should get at least a hello from someone… ๐Ÿ˜‰

Quick Update For Now…

Posted: November 20, 2001 in Car, Catherine, Movies

Okay where do I start…?

I forgot to mention before that I went to the movies on Friday with Cathryn and her Dad to see The Man Who Sued God (The new Billy Connolly one), and I must say that it is a very good movie, easy on the mind, and funny too… Actually turned out to be a love story!

Ummm…. I think I figured out what to get Cathryn for our Anniversary, although it is a little late… but I think I have a good excuse, seeing I was helping her move all weekend, and didn’t get a chance to get her anything…

Ooooooo!!!! On the weekend, my Rearview mirror fell off, (Actually on Friday Evening) so I called the guy to come and fix it, and he said the earliest was Monday, so I had to go all weekend without a rearview mirror, and I’ll tell you now, you never know how much you actually use it until it is gone!!!

And if Jennie is reading this, GET ME SOMETHING GROOVY IN IRELAND TOMORROW!!!! And see you really soon!!!! we’ve all missed you, and you have missed out on sooooooooo much!!!!!!

Talk to everyone really soon, I am going to go to bed now…

~*Axeman Out*~

Weekend With Cathryn

Posted: July 9, 2001 in Car, Catherine, Shenanigans, Work

Hello Everyone.

Well where can I start?! I have been going flat-chat trying to find a job, and spending as much time as I can with Cathryn, that I haven’t had much time for anything else, including updating this.

I have been to a few interviews, but I dont think I should work at the places. One was a sneaky ploy to get people to work in a strip club. They decided to put a mobile number in the ad, and when I called, they gave me an address, but not the name of the place (The Men’s Gallery).

Anyways, I have been looking everywhere, but it doesn’t look like there is much out there for someone who doesn’t have much, if any experience in any career path.

I am starting to give up hope on the job problem, and the fact I dont have one.

My car is playing stupid bastards with me again. I just had to put it in for a service, because it is just way too crappy, with no pickup, and the gas system is screwy, so that isn’t good.

Anyways, on a happier note, I had a wonderful weekend with Cathryn.

On about Thursday I think it was, we went to see Tomb Raider (suprisingly her choice, contrary to what others may think) which was a really excellent movie!

We had to find some packing tape on the way home, because I was a genius, and locked my keys in the car again… twice this week, now…

Ummm…. Friday night we had dinner on Brunswick St. Fitzroy, with a few of her Uni friends, who seemed pretty cool… We had some pretty good conversation about stuff, and school and more stuff. After dinner, Cathryn and I, and one of her Uni friends got some Ice-Cream at charmaine’s (all natural, really great ice-cream).

Saturday night I got to play in my friend’s band again, and had to play another new song, but I dont remember the name of it… They just forgot what song was next, and I dont think they realised that I was still on stage… they made me play it, and it didn’t sound TOO bad I guess, considering I have only heard it a few times…

After that, we went to Switch Nightclub in the city, and met up with Cassie and Steve. Apparently it was a Heavy Metal night, but somehome I don’t think the theme from Ghostbusters, and Bobby Brown are in the Heavy Metal classification, but it was definately interesting to see headbangers dance to Bobby Brown…

Yesterday Cathryn and I had to clean up her place, because she has a house inspection and stuff today, so we did the gardening, while her flatmate did the inside.

If I ever see another weed in my life, it will be too soon!!!!


Anyways, I am buggered, and I think I will go to bed, so I will try and update with something more interesting really soon, okay?

See ya…

~*Axeman Out*~

Ellie’s Birthday

Posted: May 4, 2001 in Car, Personal, Shenanigans, Work

Hello Everyone.

Well where should I start?

I have had two minor accidents since I last wrote here, my car is only slightly damaged from the second one.

The first one involved some moron being too close to me when I braked for another car in front of me. The guy behind went up my back end, cracking his grille, but not even scratching my car.

The second was my fault, but I didn’t hit anyone…

I was driving on a cold morning, and my windows were fogged. I was backing out of a carpark, and hit a nice little steel pole. Most of the damage has been fixed on that one by myself…

Anyways, after that accident, I went into the city to go to Carlton & United Breweries to do a course on how to tap Kegs, and run the gas lines safely. (Basically so I can change kegs at the pub).

Had to get out to Abbotsford, which was a problem, cos I had to get through the M1 protests in the city. I managed to get there only 2 minutes late, so that was kewl.

We got free tea and coffee, but no free beer… IT WAS A BREWERY WITH NO FREE BEER!!!!!!

When that was all done, I walked around town for a bit, got some new strings for my guitar, and eventually headed back to the pub to talk to the boss, and to check out the gas system at the pub.

Played pool for a bit, before Helen (The psycho) came in… she started to annoy me, so I left early, and went to Ellie’s house, becuase it was her birthday, and Carmel and I had organised dinner for her, but I was told not to tell her anything.

We sat and talked for a bit, and I think I bored her a bit talking about my car and kegs of beer, but eventually Carmel and Joanne got there, and we all made her get ready, and went for a drive.

We had an excellent meal in Yarraville at the Bluestone Hotel, before going on a drive around the neighbourhood.

Before we left the Hotel though, a woman came up to the car as we were about to pull out, and started asking me stuff, but I couldn’t understand her, because she was speaking Yugoslavian, so I got out, and followed her back to her place accross the road, and then I figured out what she wanted…

Her son had made her a new letterbox, but she couldn’t get it onto the pole in the front garden, so she wanted me to do it for her…

Remember that this is at 9:30 at night…

I tried to do it, honestly I did, but none of the bolts would fit, so I couldn’t do it. I really felt sorry for her in a way…

Anyways, after that we drove to Williamstown Beach, driving past my house, but no one could guess which house was mine…

Then we drove to Altona Beach, and parked the car. We got out, and walked around a bit, then wrote our names in the sand really big. I couldn’t believe how cold it was, I could feel it on my fingers and my nose, but the rest of me was warm as always…

We drove around for another hour or so after that, before Joanne finally dropped Ellie and I off at Ellie’s house. We both ended up standing in the kitchen and talking for about 3 hours.

We didn’t really talk about anything in particular, just bits and pieces, like school, Year 12, Web Pages, Writing, Music, Playing Guitar, etc… But it was great none the less.

It has been ages since I have had a propper conversation with anyone, especially Ellie. We normally talk heaps, I just haven’t seen her in ages.. (Gotta do something about that, ay, Ellie..?)

The drive home was a strange one… It was about 3:30am, and the freeway was almost empty, but the fog was something shocking! I could see about 10 – 20 Metres in front of my car, and when I looked at my speedo, I was doing 140Km/h in the 100Km/h zone!

I couldn’t see my surroundings, so I didn’t realise how fast I was going… I slowed down, needless to say, but I looked again a bit later, and I was back at 140 again, and to make matters worse, cars and even trucks were still passing me, I looked the second time, because I thought I was going TOO SLOW!!!

So I don’t really know what else to say, except


and because I probably won’t update before the end of next week,


See ya all soon

~*Axeman Out*~

My Perfect Day

Posted: April 18, 2001 in Car, Personal

Hello Everyone.

Well what can I say, today has been probably the most perfect day in my life for a long time…

it started with me spending it with probably one of the most wonderful women in my life at the moment.

We spent the day at highpoint, but didn’t really do anything, just walked around, and then sat in my car talking. I love talking with people, it is very stimulating for me.

I know that probably doesn’t make much sense to many people, unless they have met me. Nothing cheers me up like a good old conversation, that is why I love working at the pub, lots of people to talk to, and most of them are interesting, or some reason (they are drunk) find me interesting…

Anyways me and this un-named person talked for a few hours, and then she had to go, so I drove her back to her car, and managed to get a goodbye kiss out of her, which totally made my day right there… apart from that girl a few entries ago who got with my friend, I haven’t kissed anyone since about 1993, so it was all good.

Ummm…… I went to work after that, which was all good, and asked nicely if I could work for a bit. The boss said that was okay, and I did a bit of training from about 4pm till Midnight.

When I told him I was leaving, because there were only 2 people there, and 2 people on the bar, me included, he said “I am going to see how you go on a Friday or Saturday night shift to see if you like it, and if you do, I might give you something permanent.”

That topped my day, cos it means I get money for working, a new concept for me, and it is cash in hand, so I can stay on the dole, meaning I get about what I used to get.

It couldn’t have come at a better time, because my car has practically died, needing about $800 worth of repairs…

ummmm……. Thats all I can think of right now, so stay tuned…

See ya all later…

~*Axeman Out*~

No Hair!!!!!

Posted: January 12, 2001 in Car, Personal, Shenanigans

Hello Everyone…

Well what can I say… I have got my stiches out a few weeks ago, courtesy of my mate Sue (fanks Sue!) who is one of the only people who has seen me cry like a girly…

ooooooooo!!!!!!!!! I cut my hair today…. fully off! no ponytail anymore, which is weird, but I am getting used to it, slowly but surely…

It took me seven years to grow it, so it was getting pretty long…

I ran a red light today, not on purpose, I was stopped at it, but I swear it went green. I got half way accross Geelong Road (Main road, 3 lanes each way) and a car turned, and cut me off… I started swearing, and realised no one else had crossed with me. Then I noticed the red light in front of me… I coulda been killed, Geelong Road is an 80Km/h zone, and trucks rarely stop…

Ahh well, all in the name of fun


Anyways, I gotta go, it is 3:25am here, and I need to sleep… been a long day for me…

See ya later…

~*Axeman Out*~