Congratulations USA!

Posted: June 27, 2015 in Uncategorized
I am predicting a surge in USA holidays either in coming weeks, or next June/July, in time for summer. Hawaii will be booked for many years to come, boosting their tourism and their local economy.
The surge will be from thousands, tens-of-thousands of gay and lesbian couples, fed up with waiting for Australia’s government to act on this issue, and wanting to get married to the person they love.
They will most-likely not be religious weddings, rather, they will be celebrant-run weddings. On the beach, in parks, outdoors or in registries. (for all of the religious folks saying “its Adam & Eve, not Adam & Steve!”)
In the end, Australia’s inaction on this is not only an embarrassment to us as a progressive country, but also a massive slap in the face for the local economy, tourism, celebrant, designer, venue, fashion, and jeweller industries.
Millions of dollars will be sent offshore, yet again (After NZ, Ireland and some other countries beat us to it) and guess what? The world still turns, and a reign of fire has not fallen on the heathens…
In the words of John Lennon, All You Need is Love, LOVE is All You Need.

This was broadcast almost 48 years to the day. When it was broadcast, interracial couples were only barely accepted in some parts of the world, the Civil Rights movement was in full swing, Women’s Rights was in its infancy, and the Aboriginal people of Australia were still classed as animals, under the Flora & Fauna act.

Isn’t it amazing to see how quickly the world can change when there is a desire to change it for the better?

I congratulate the USA (and Ireland, and of course New Zealand) for seeing the common sense in passing these laws and allowing human beings to marry the person that they love most in the world.

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