The destruction of our once great country

Posted: December 5, 2014 in Our World, Personal, Rant
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I have been embarrassed to be an Australian since this bunch of manic sociopaths cheated and lied their way into parliament. Today, I am officially ashamed to be Australian… a county that has been built on immigration since 1788, and being one of the most multicultural countries in the developed world… simply denying settlement of those who are fleeing murder, genocide, rape, torture, persecution and even “disappearance”, and then offering an olive branch by using the children in detention as a bargaining chip for your disgusting offer?

The UN are watching. The World is watching. Scott Morrison, you are a vile little man, and I personally cannot wait until you see the Hague and are sentenced under International Law for your total disregard for Human Rights, the incarceration of unaccompanied minors and children as young as 6 weeks old and Common Decency toward fellow men and women.…/the-senate-has-agreed-to-re…/5945576
Senator Scott Ludlam speaks volumes about the justices of this disgusting bill… Scott Morrison simply wants more power for himself, with no regard to the innocent lives he is essentially placing into limbo. Using the children currently in detention as a bargaining chip for his own sick agenda, is simply deplorable…

Senator Sarah Hanson-Young
 tells it as it is… a disgusting, vile, appalling and embarrassing turn of events…

For members of Parliament to hand out others phone numbers and have the children in detention call the senators and tug at their heartstrings, and play on the political minefield, and not get them out of detention (which could have been done at any time by Scott Morrison) in exchange for introducing TPV Visas, which will give people 3 years of uncertainty, no ability to work, and after 3 years, the very real possibility of being sent back to the hell that was their home, is simply disgusting. How dare they give out phone numbers. How dare they use the children as negotiators for their sick games…

If the government had nothing to hide, and the detention centres arren’t as disgusting, abusive, dangerous and potentially life-threatening, enough for the children to need to beg for their release, then why do they constantly deny the UN, Gillian Triggs, Julian Burnside QC, Labor, Greens and other parliament members, Media (that aren’t Murdoch press) entry to talk with the people there? What is so bad that they find the need to hide it from the world??


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