Continuing with my Novel

Posted: September 30, 2014 in Personal

so, a few months after revealing I was working on my Novel, I thought I would update you all on its progress. (see here)

I have now passed the 60,000 word count, with plenty more to go. I have jotted down the framework, plot points and points of interest that need to be included. There will be seven sections in total, some longer than others, as they are significant parts to the story.
I am currently half-way through the second section, with the first section already edited and at a point where I can move forward. I wanted to treat each section as a separate story, so as to avoid a huge headache when editing and checking for continuity etc. so with all of this in mind, I feel that I am well on my way.

As in the previous update, I thought I should include a teaser paragraph for you all… To put this into some sort of context, a character has now started writing a novel within the story, so this is the introduction to her novel.

“We departed our home, the only place we had known and was familiar to us, and departed on a journey into the unknown. Although aware of our destination, the journey would be long and riddled with unknown obstacles. It would deliver us to the shores of a faraway land, devoid of friends, family or persons known to us. An entire family, born again into an unfamiliar world. Yet, we make this journey of our own accord, under no duress. We do not flee to evade the law, and yet we are destined for the penal colonies of yesteryear.

I am surrounded by people, and yet feeling alone. My best friend is far from me, and now the distance will forever grow. My yearning to be held in the safe confines of our tree, sitting together and forgetting about our troubles will never leave the depths of my heart, and my memories will never fade. Forever will I be reminded of my friend, each time I gaze upon an old tree by the water.”

I am looking forward to updating you all on the upcoming stages, as they are completed!


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