Age Targeted Advertisements

Posted: May 12, 2013 in Uncategorized

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Ranting Consumer

Recently, I read an article that described a rather interesting concept for advertising directly to a particular aged market.

(The article can be read here)

The sample that I saw was aimed at young children below a certain age, however it was not trying to sell them toys, sugary foods, or something else that you might expert some advertising agencies to use this ingenious method for… oh no!

In fact, this concept was being used in a rather unique way, and was targeting children of physical or emotional abuse, especially when accompanied by an adult, or even the abuser.

The ad works in a similar method to those rulers from the late 80’s, that had a “moving” image, which was really two images shown through a corrugated plastic layer.
The adults see an ad with a sad-looking child, and the name of an abuse prevention authority.
The children see the same ad…

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