2nd Ammendment garbage…

Posted: December 31, 2012 in Rant
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The below was in response to an American Citizen on a bulletin board, stating that “Americans have the right to bear arms, and buy even bigger guns, for protection and safety reasons”.
This 2nd Ammendment that the US of A believe in so much has got to change. we are in a different time, with guns more powerful and accessible than ever.

In Australia, we had, until recently, the ability to purchase automatic and semi-automatic weapons. after a few horrible shootings, including the Port Arthur Massacre in 1996, which saw the deaths of 36 innocent tourists at the hands of a complete Nutter, our Government banned all semi-auto and automatic weapons, with a ‘no-questions-asked’ buyback scheme.

Since this has happened, we have had no major shootings, no massacres

Another major point is, we cannot purchase firearms at Pawn Shops! we can only purchase them from a firearms store, after a thorough check and registration against a firearms license (issued by the state police).

If the US could do similar, it is not denying the ‘right to bear arms’, but it is restricting the sale and access of these firearms to people with mental illness, or restricted conditions.

in Australia, a person who has been convicted of a crime and served prison time may not possess a firearm of any type.
A firearms license involves a written test, as well as demonstrated ability to operate the firearm in a shooting gallery. failing either or both parts of the test deny the person a license. until these are successfully completed, no firearms can be purchased.

if the firearm is not stored safely and securely (firearm locked in a safe, magazine and ammunition stored in a separate lockbox, and if applicable (rifles etc) firing pin stored in a third lockbox (all lockboxes must be secured to the structure of the house, in an approved, fireproof receptacle) then the firearm may be seized by police, and the owners firearm license can be revoked.

It’s not denying the ‘right to own shiny toys’, simply the sensible storage, access and use of a firearm.

You argue that cars kill more people than guns in America, but you forget Cigarettes, Fatty Foods and idiots.

Also, I believe last years death-toll in the US due to guns was in the ball-park of 22,500 people killed on the streets.
In Australia, our toll was closer to 11. Not 11,000… just 11 people. this is still too high.

School kids or not, a person is a person. they have a life, and deserve to live it. This includes criminals, ordinary civilians, politicians, and most definitely children who are trying to get an education.

In Australia, we are one step closer to banning cigarettes. Plain packaging was introduced, so all cigarettes are now sold in a ‘pukey green’ box, with a 1/3-size health warning and generic type to depict the brands. no logos, colours or other design is allowed. the companies hate it, but it is now law here.

Governments CAN make a change, if the death toll warrants it. Our health systems are flooded with lung-cancers, obesity and in the case of America, the victims of idiots with easy access to firearms they claim ‘they had the right to own’…


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