Today I woke up to find my Twitter, Facebook and most other social networks filled with KONY2012 references.

After checking the local news sites, they too are full of the KONY2012 stuff. But what is it?

Joseph Kony is a rebel leader in Uganda, who orders the systematic kidnapping of children to be used in his rebel army. The boys are taught to shoot, often with their first kill to be that of their own parents; whilst the girls are raised and sold as sex slaves to help raise money for guns and ammunition.

These children are robbed of a childhood, some as young as 5 or 6 years old, their parents lose their children, and all so this pathetic excuse for a human being can have an army that robs, kills and makes him rich.

The person who has created this viral video has embarked on a monumental task, but so far he has Barack Obama on board, and has managed to get the US Government to send 100 US Troops to Uganda to assist local authorities in tracking Kony down in the dense jungle.

Whilst their funding methods are questionable (explained here) their cause is not. Support the cause, even if you don’t support KONY2012, and get the word out there!

This has been going on for over 20 years now, and is only just making it into the public eye. The more popular and visible this topic remains, the harder it will be for it to be ignored.

Please, watch this video. Share it, reblog it, post it to other social media outlets. Join their Facebook page here. Get friends to join. Write a letter to your local representative in Government or Senate. The more voters that get on board with as many of the world Governments as possible, the more likely it is to remain an issue, be addressed in the UN, and for something major to happen. The video’s main link was recently blocked on Facebook, so the more people to share a link to it from their own blogs, the more widespread it can become, and the more people can get on board.

People often complain and whinge that “The world has gone to shit…” …well, now is your chance to try to make a difference.

Crimes against children are never okay, but crimes against children on such a large-scale should be sanctioned and eradicated by world leaders.



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