March Photo A Day 2 – Fruit

Posted: March 2, 2012 in March Photo A Day, Meme, Music, Rant

March Photo A Day 2 – Fruit


I don’t eat as much fruit as I probably should. I know I should eat more, I just don’t like it in general. Beyond the occasional Apple or Banana, It’s a rare thing for me to eat fruit at all.

For this reason, I didn’t have any fruit on hand for this photo. So instead, I went all ‘lateral thinking’ on you, and decided to write about Apple Records.

I wanted to remind people of Apple. Not the Apple that most people know today that sells iPods, iPads, iMacs and all of that. I am talking about Apple Records.

This record label was started by the four members of The Beatles, s a part of their Apple Corps. interests. The Beatles were wanting to branch beyond their music and thought that they could succeed in many other areas with just their name as backing. Apart from electronics, clothing and even film (Magical Mystery Tour and Monty Python’s The Life of Brian were a few of their better known films) they decided to have their own recording label. Apart from various solo tracks of their own, they also signed on a few other artists, including Billy Preston, Yoko Ono, Ravi Shankar and James Taylor.

The Beatles had already bought up the majority of their own lyrics and written music, signing it all to their own music publishing company known as Northern Songs. The phrase “Northern Songs” comes from their lyrics in “Only a Northern Song” which can be heard in the Yellow Submarine film. They had realised that there was some serious money to be made selling the written music and lyrics to their entire back catalogue, with many firms reprinting them and pocketing huge profits. The Beatles decided to sanction this by buying their material back, and signing their exclusive rights to their own company. If anyone else wanted to republish their material from this point on, they needed the written permission of Northern Songs, or face a lawsuit.

As with most of their business decisions of the time outside of the music world, it eventually pushed all four Beatles to near-bankruptsy, and most of the Apple Corps. other ventures were shut down. Apple Records existed, but rarely released anything until the 90’s, when The Beatles re-released their back catalog to CD, all of which carried the Apple Records logo.


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