March Photo A Day 1 – Up

Posted: March 1, 2012 in March Photo A Day, Meme, Personal, Rant
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March Photo A Day 1 – Up

Some people say that the best volume to listen to awesome music is loud. To some extent I agree, however I feel that after a while, “turning it up to 11” loses its effectiveness. If a person listens to evey song at full volume, what do they do for their favourite tracks? I prefer to turn up the volume of my favourite tracks, making them more defined in a playlist than the other tracks. Then the people I happen to have around me KNOW which songs are considered awesome by me.

This is relevant throughout many things in everyday life. If a person always wears their hair in a bright green mohawk, or always wears odd socks, or even simply has a loud shirt on every day of the week, these people are eventually seen as “acting normal”, and their loud and trend-setting ways are lost in a crowd. However, if a person was to wear a suit to work for a month, and then one day turned up in a bright purple pimp-suit and a green mohawk, then that person would be noticed.

Some people I have known over the years spend more time in their lives trying to be noticed; seen as a wacky kind of person, that they miss out on many awesome things that are passing them by. Some of these people even go as far as to turn down or ignore friendships, because the person isn’t as wacky as themselves.

If you are old enough to remember back into the 80’s and even earlier into the 70’s, there was a not-so-small movement called Punk. When the punk movement began, the ideals were ‘do not conform to society’, ‘Anarchy’, ‘down with conformists’ etc. Ironically, all of the die-hard punks ended up conforming to themselves, all wearing the same t-shirts, leather jackets, mohawk haircuts and listening to the same music. Their very ideals in life became their downfall. The same non-conformist approach overflowed into the Goth lifestyle, and later into the Emo groups. All talk about ‘non-conformist’ behaviour, yet all are conforming to societies view on what they should wear or listen to.

My music tastes have been called strange by many people. Being able to put my iTunes onto shuffle, and get Metallica, Mozart, Cake, ACDC, Andrews Sisters, Xavier Rudd, Guns N Roses, Paul Kelly, Adam & The Ants, Beethoven, Queen, Ramones, Pavarotti, Beatles, John Lee Hooker, Led Zeppelin and ABBA play in succession apparently makes me strange. I listen to each of these artists proudly for their own accomplishments in the music world, and each has their own merits. I do not conform to a single ‘style’ of music, as it would bore me to death in about 30 minutes.

My hair is never cut to any particular passing trend. Since I had my long hair cut in 2000, I have had the same haircut by the same awesome hairdresser. I can now simply go in and say ‘the usual’ and get it with no questions asked. Between haircuts I rarely use any product in my hair apart from shampoo, and I don’t usually go to any effort to style it in any particular way; settling instead to run my hands through it and walk out the door. I have decided that ‘if every day looks as if it was a bad hair day, no one can comment on it or care that it looks a bit messy’. That’s my thing.

I also don’t dress in any particular fashion; usually settling for the ‘jeans & t-shirt with runners’ for most events; occasionally wearing a suit for work commitments or a wedding. My t-shirts have various things on them, but nothing of any trend, simply designs that I liked at the time. I have bands, Mambo, Corporate logos, slogans, cartoons etc. There is no trend in their artwork, except that they almost all have some form of artwork on them.

Does all of this make me the ideal punk?

If life was completely filled with people who wore crazy hair, odd socks, loud clothing, listened to music at the highest volume and spoke the same way, it simply wouldn’t be interesting. The fact that these things are a rarity in everyday working life makes them interesting people to the rest of us.


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