Feb Photo 23 – My Shoes

Posted: February 23, 2012 in Boring, Catherine, Feb Photo, Meme, Personal, Rant

Feb Photo 23 – My Shoes

As a typical male (specifically of the heterosexual variety), I have a minimal array of shoes. Six pairs to be more precise. Two of which are of the thong / flip-flop variety.

Guys don’t tend to have the insane infatuation with shoes that quite a few women have. We are creatures of necessity. I need a pair of runners, boots, thongs and casuals. that’s it. Women on the other hand seem to need a variety of styles, each style in about 7 different colours and heights, and most are never worn regularly, if at all.

When I was arranging these shoes for this photo, I noticed that two pairs of them actually had spider webs inside them. One shoe had the culprit. I have not worn them for a while, it seems. The brown leather sneakers, pictured in the left of this shot were purchased about 8 years ago. The sole is still showing minimal wear. They are almost Vintage! This would be unheard of, fo a woman.

I have met women who can name the place that each of their pairs of shoes (all 300 pairs, in some cases!) were bought, why they were bought, what outfits they go with, what events they have been worn to, and when they last wore them out, or plan to wear them in the next month.

A guy could perhaps answer where half of their shoes were bought (if any), a rough idea of when they last wore them (within a 2 month window) and wouldn’t know what they ‘went with’, as guys rarely know, or care what ‘outfits’ are in their closet.

A womans fascination with shoes, to a guy, is simply alien. The male species simply does not have an equivalent in terms of knowledge of them, collection of them, or internal catalogue of them. This is clearly a woman’s domain.

I cannot even think of what to fill an entire blog post with, relating to shoes! This is officially my shortest Feb Photo post so far… no surprises there.


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