Feb Photo 22 – Where I Work

Posted: February 22, 2012 in Boring, Feb Photo, Meme, Personal, Rant

Feb Photo 22 – Where I Work

Contrary to what many people think, spending every day down at the beach can get more than a little boring.

Currently, I am unemployed. I do the occasional freelance job for friends and even friends of friends, however, I do not have the luxury of a regular paycheck, or any of the benefits associated with full-time employment. What I do have, however, is the ability to do my work anywhere I choose. A local cafe, a park, the steps of Flinders St Station, or in this case, the beach.

I prefer to design somewhere around water, either a small body of water (a pond, a lake or even a fountain) or larger bodies (Port Phillip Bay, Yarra River, Pacific Ocean etc). I think this is somehow tied into the fact that I am a Cancerian. I have also never lived more than 15 minutes from a beach in my entire life. In fact, my weekend trips to Bendigo and Castlemaine might very well be the longest and furthest I have been from a body of Salt Water in my entire life.

There is nothing quite like sitting down at the beach, sketch book and pencil in hand, perhaps even some music being played on my iPod, or more often than not, the simple sound of the waves lapping against the rocks and the sand. I could be drawing anything. Conceptual sketches for a clients new packaging range, website concepts for a client. Even a drawing of a R2-D2 or The Swedish Chef or something not even related to work. It doesn’t matter.

I also enjoy writing down at the beach. There is nothing more relaxing and yet also so productive than sitting at the end of the breakwater rocks, as far from the land and sounds of traffic and people as I can get at this beach, and simply writing a song. The waves lapping against the rocks act as my rhythm section, drumming a slow beat; allowing me to word things out, get things rhyming and in a more poetic verse than if I were writing in a crowded room.

Although I enjoy going to the beach and doing these things, I would, of course, much rather be working and earning money. If I could fund it, I would be starting my own design studio right about now, and not looking and searching for someone to work for, to be their monkey and to simply design to give the bosses credit. I want to be recognised and appreciated for the design work that I do, and be held responsible for it if it is not up to scratch. I have grown rather sick of making money for “The Man”, whilst being paid below what most would earn in other industries, and well below what people expect a designer to be earning.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy working as a temp, and working for temp agencies, it is awesome work, and always a challenge. I get placed into a different site, sometimes 2-3 times a week, and I have to learn how things work before lunch time, and then get the job done to their standards. I enjoy the sites I am sent to, and enjoy the work they have me doing for them. I would like to think that even if I had my own design studio, I would still like to freelance or temp for a day every week. Just to simply keep it fresh and exciting.

Now, if you will excuse me, I am going to go Snorkeling in my Board Room… 🙂


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