Feb Photo 21 – A Favourite Photo Of You

Posted: February 21, 2012 in Art, Catherine, Feb Photo, Meme, Music, Personal, Rant

Feb Photo 21 – A Favourite Photo Of You

On the outskirts of Central Park, NYC, there is a sculpture. This sculpture was donated by a local Gentleman whose wife had died. His wife had adored watching the children play in Central Park, so he decided to continue bringing joy to the children, in the form of this lovely sculpture of Lewis Carroll’s “Alice in Wonderland”. This sculpture is larger than life, as you can see in the photo, and it is constructed of solid brass.

The reasons that I have fo calling this a favourite photo of myself are many.

Firstly, The idea of this sculpture being created simply so that the happiness that the Man’s wife had witnessed in this spot would never fade. A simple gesture, albeit an expensive one, in a city full of stereotypical New Yorkers.

Secondly, (and this was my main reason for coming to see this sculpture!) This sculpture was used in a photo shoot of The Jimi Hendrix Experience, photographed by Linda McCartney (Yes, Paul’s first wife!) as the group sat and lounged on the toad stools, with local children climbing and playing around them.

Where I am sitting is where Jimi Hendrix sat for this photograph!

Thirdly, (and these are in no particular order!) The reason I am even sitting on this sculpture, in the middle of Central Park, in New York City… is thanks to my sporadic luck, and the fact that I won a holiday to anywhere I wanted to go in the entire world. (Did I mention that before? perhaps here?)

The look on my face is no exhaustion, and neither is it my ‘hung over’ face. It is the face of someone who is relaxed.

For the first time in my life, I was so far away from everyone who usually causes me stress and anguish (family, friends, work etc) that even if they DID call me, there was nothing I could do. I couldn’t get in a car or a bus and drive back to sort things out, I couldn’t book a flight (flights were booked, I had 2 weeks at this point to be home again, no exceptions). No, I was completely removed from every day stresses, and I was simply enjoying myself, and doing what ever I felt like doing.

Being on holidays is strange, in that even when you are camping, there is usually a connection with the outside world. A phone, a laptop. Something that allows you to connect, and potentially work from the tent, or talk with family etc. Somehow we think that if we drive for 4 hours, pitch a tent and sleep on the ground, we will be more relaxed, yet we insist on updating our Facebook status 7 times a day, call friends, SMS family and even answer work emails. Upon our return, we wonder why we are not relaxed, as the brochure promised a relaxing journey and experience.

Although New York was amazingly busy, and it made Melbourne look like a small country hick-town, I found it relaxing. New York was going at the same pace as my thoughts. I had found somewhere that an insomniac like myself can operate and function without anyone judging me. Remember, New York is “The City That Never Sleeps”. That is the place for me!!

So, in short, I like this photo of me, not only for its location, but also because it is one of the rare times I have been truly relaxed and with the ones I love.


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