Feb Photo 20 – Handwriting

Posted: February 20, 2012 in Art, Feb Photo, Meme, Personal

Feb Photo 20 – Handwriting

Handwriting is one of the earliest forms of art we learn as we grow up. Writing is an art form, imitating the images of the letters we are taught in school or kindergarten. The english language has 26 letters, in both upper and lower case, making 52 “images” we need to remember to communicate via correspondence for the rest of our lives.

As we are artists, each letter is interpreted differently by each person that is taught, changing throughout their lives.

Remember when you first learnt to write? Most likely the paper had two solid lines, with two dotted lines running parallel between them. Dotted Thirds. These lines taught us the rules of the letters. Ascenders, Descenders, Valleys, Dotted letters etc. Since you graduated up onto regular lined paper, or even plain, unlined paper, the styles that you have learnt have been changing. Released from the boundaries of the Dotted Thirds, your artistic ability has began to interpret the letters differently.

My writing is no different from many others, in that it is completely different. Handwriting becomes almost like a fingerprint to each person, reflecting exactly how artistic and unique each and every person in the world is. Look at the writing of the people who were in your writing class, all those years ago. Every single person will now be writing completely differently. This can be for many reasons. Life events may have changed their outlook, or perhaps working with their hands for many years have reshaped the muscles in their hands. or perhaps an injury to their hands. Regardless of all of these reasons, the rules of writing can only change in your mind.

Looking at my writing, you can see it is shaped in a messy yet organised way. my Descenders curl backwards and upwards, looping down into the line below. I cannot say for sure why I started doing this, but trying to do a ‘regular’ tail on my Y’s or G’s is next to impossible. My brain will not allow it anymore, unless I concentrate really hard and almost come to a complete stop. This may change one day, as every few years or so, I reinvent my handwriting. It is constantly changing, sometimes the changes are visible on the same page, but it never strays too far, and usually reverts back to where it began.

Some people think that they are in no way artistic, yet when it is pointed out to them that each letter they draw on a page is a tiny piece of art, they shrug it off. Art is what you make of it. Art is defined as something that invokes discussion. That means that art is not just a drawing or a painting, but a dance, a musical performance, poetry, a well-written book, a Haiku, and even everyday writing.

No one said art had to be perfect, amazing and intricate at every instance.

Picasso has some very simplistic pieces that one could argue that any 3 year-old with a brush could paint, however he is considered a Master. Why? Well, looking at his art as a whole, he was a very complex, intricate and innovative artist. Some of his Cubism artworks are simply breathtaking (and some may argue rather confusing) so simply due to his ‘Amazing’ art, his “Average’ art is included in the body of works. When I was in New York, I visited MOMA (Museum of Modern Art) and managed to catch an exhibition of Picasso’s work, amongst other amazing pieces from Warhol, Dali, Duchamp and even some Yoko Ono. Seeing his works as a whole, all in one place put it all into perspective. Yes, he drew stick figures, and simplistic line art drawings, but the majority was used to create better pieces at a later date.

The above photo is a small snapshot of my songwriting journal. The piece photographed is an idea for a children’s song that I was penning on the train one morning as I was on the train, heading to work. One day I will record everything that is in this book. One day.

Your writing is a small example of your artistic ability, that shines every single time you pick up a pen and write.

Remember, art is what you make of it.


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