Feb Photo 19 – Something That I Hate To Do

Posted: February 19, 2012 in Boring, Feb Photo, Meme, Personal

Feb Photo 19 – Something That I Hate To Do

There is one thing that I genuinely hate, and for that reason alone, its something I will not do.


Honestly, some people need to think beyond their own lazy, selfish ways and start cleaning up after themselves. As a beach-goer, I see countless amounts of garbage in and around our waterways. However, most of this litter does not start here. This litter is dropped by careless people in our cities and suburbs, inland streets and cities. This litter does not miraculously clean itself up. There is not a workforce of magical little elves that come out at the witching hour to clean up your filth. No, your litter is washed down into our storm water drains, and makes its way out into the bays and oceans.

Did you know, a single cigarette butt can kill a dolphin. A plastic shopping bag can kill a mighty whale. These majestic creatures do not understand that we are a filthy species, instead, they see something in the water… their home, and think that it is food. A whale will mistake a plastic bag as a jellyfish. A dolphin would mistake a cigarette butt as a small fish or plankton.

I have seen countless people on the beaches, having a great time with their mates, drinking booze and eating chips and biscuits. These same people, not 5 minutes later will get up, and walk off, leaving a pile or garbage on the beach without an ounce of shame in their beings. They usually walk right past a rubbish bin on the way to their car, but carrying it all was obviously too difficult.

Not as bad, but still nowhere near good enough are the ‘close enough’ litterers. You have all seen them, they are the ones that throw their rubbish towards the bin aiming for a ‘nothing but net’ shot, and miss horribly. The usually have a look in their eye like “Meh, close enough, someone else will put it in the bin for me”.

They don’t.

The main reason someone else doesn’t do this is simple. people these days only care about themselves. They do not look to help another person who might be in trouble, they ‘don’t get involved’ if a crime is committed, and the certainly don’t pick up someone elses litter in the street.

A few years ago I was walking in the city, on my way to an interview. Half a block ahead, I noticed someone lying across the footpath. People were walking around them, a few even stepping over them; too busy to stop and see if everything was ok. Too absorbed into their own agenda to care about another person. Many probably were thinking that this was a homeless person, or perhaps a junkie. I stopped, knowing I would be late to the interview, but caring more about a stranger than a probable rejection letter, as was the trend at the time.

“Hello, my name is Patrick… Are you ok? I asked.

I received an unintelligeble reply.

“Are you alright, do you need some help getting up? does anything hurt? did you fall?”

Another unintelligible reply.

“I am going to call an ambulance for you, please don’t worry. They will check you out, and it won’t cost anything unless you go with them” (Many people I have called an Ambulance for have been more worried of the cost than themselves)

No reply.

Many minutes passed, and as I waited for the Ambulance to arrive, I managed to roll the woman onto her side, and put her into the recovery position. People still didn’t stop and ask if anyone had called an Ambulance. A few people stared, a few took a photo on their phone; however no one asked the simplest question “Are you ok?”

The Ambulance arrived, and after a brief check-up, they determined that the woman had recently had a stroke. She was probably walking to work from the station or the car park, unaware of anything being wrong, then out of nowhere, she dropped to the ground. No one had helped, no one had cared. All were too busy to get to work. If left untreated, a stroke can be fatal, or life-destroying.

I never found out what happened to the woman, I do hope that she pulled through.

Remember folks, if you want to be treated with respect and dignity, you first need to treat others in the same way.


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