Feb Photo 18 – Drink

Posted: February 18, 2012 in Art, Feb Photo, Meme, Personal

Feb Photo 18 – Drink

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A few months ago I was introduced to Absynthe. In particular, Green Fairy. Many times, I have been told to ‘stay away!’ and ‘you will regret it!’ which did not make much sense to me, as I thought ‘How bad could it be?’

Well, After trying it, I must say that I have a new favourite drink. It is hard to explain, but to me, it is like being drunk, without the fuzziness that drinking beer or other spirits would entail. I polished off about half a bottle in a night (a long night!) and afterwards, my brain seem to be fine. My legs disagreed. I was truly drunk, yet my mind was still functioning at 100%.

This explains why so many of the great artists chose Green Fairy. Vincent Van Gough (Yes, he chopped his ear off, not a good example) Oscar Wilde, Ernest Hemmingway and even Salvador Dali were known to be tempted by the Green Fairy.

As an artist, I have struggled at times to ‘get creative’ and have original thoughts when I needed to have them. However when I was drinking Absynthe, The ideas flowed freely. Better yet, because my head was not “fuzzed up” as it would usually be if I was drinking tequila or bourbon, I was able to write the ideas down, keeping their essence until I was able to enact on them the following day. This night of Absynthe was possibly a year ago, yet I am still working through the list I made, and so far I have not found a questionable item on it.

I should mention that I do not condone excessive drinking, especially with something as strong as Absynthe, but it stands to reason that there is at least a little mystery around something that in all honesty, should cause irreversible damage due to its potency, yet opens the mid and helps so many ideas come to surface. I have since bought a bottle, but in 3 months, I have not opened it. I fear that if I drink it again, my list will get so long that I simply will never find the time to complete it (see previous post regarding time).

I am unsure exactly how an alcoholic drink of 60% can not cause me to get drunk like any other conventional drink has in the past, let alone how my brain could function after drinking it, however I am glad that I tried it, and I feel that in moderation, myself and the Green Fairy will remain good friends.



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