Feb Photo 16 – Something New

Posted: February 16, 2012 in Art, Feb Photo, Meme, Our World, Personal

Feb Photo 16 – Something New

This post has bothered me for days. Finding something new, that is also interesting is not an easy thing for me, as I don’t generally buy anything new, apart from groceries. I thought about this for quite a while before coming to the realisation.

New does not have to be something purchased. Our world is full of new and exciting things. Things that can be experienced every single day, and all that is required is to slow down and smell the flowers.

Today I was walking around the neighbourhood, trying to find a particular example of “Something New” that I wanted to use for this post. I searched for hours, looking in front gardens (from the footpath, no trespassing!) and on nature strips. No matter how hard I searched, I couldn’t find the example I wanted. I headed to the Williamstown Botanical Gardens, hoping to find what I was looking for. Instead, I met a lovely lady there called Nora. Nora was photographing what I thought was leaves and plants, but as a conversation was struck, I learnt that Nora was documenting insects and bugs. She had just discovered species #102 in the Botanical Gardens. I was certain that this number had to be exaggerated, but as she flicked through her camera, showing me her photos, I realised that there was so much more going on around me than previously thought.

She showed me where some Ladybugs were hiding with their young, and then onto a native “Neon Cuckoo Bee”, which was had a brilliant blue and black disguise. Whilst we waited for the little Neon to land and stay still long enough, another native insect, this time a wasp, decided to come and land at our feet. All of these creatures were almost alien to me, having never noticed them before, even though I walk through these Gardens at least once a week.

Nora really opened my eyes to a new experience, and something that I may very well start photographing, now that I know they are there!

The term “New” does not always mean ‘from nothing’ or ‘brand new’. It can sometimes refer to ‘rebirth’. Take the butterfly for example. Yes, the butterfly is new to the world, but it is not new to life; it has merely changed form from a caterpillar into a butterfly. Before the caterpillar, it had changed forms from an egg to a larvae, and onto a caterpillar. What we perceive as new may not always be something new, however to each individual who witnesses it, it may seem new.

The above image was photographed about a year ago (Feb Photo didn’t specify WHICH February the photo had to come from!) in a National Park near Lorne. We were walking for quite a distance (see map below) and I was clicking away taking random shots, when this caught my eye. A single mushroom growing from a seemingly dead log, in the middle of the walking track.

The death of the tree host had allowed for something else to be born. If the tree hadn’t died, the mushroom may not have been born into the world. An animal may not have been able to later feed on the mushroom, perhaps feeding its young back in the nest. The young may not have survived. The snowball effect could go on and on, no one can be sure.

The Buddhist’s and Hindu’s believe that every life form is reborn in a different form. Is this such a bad outlook to have in todays age? Looking at the photograph, perhaps the life-force of the tree was reborn into the mushroom; choosing to stay in its familiar surroundings.

I think that if you believe in modern science, you need to look at the logic in these beliefs. Sir Isaac Newton said “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction”. Keeping this in mind, how can a life force simply end? Just because no one has witnessed the act of reincarnation, doesn’t mean that it cannot exist. On a scientific level, no one has witnessed “String Theory” or “The Big Bang”, yet scientists will argue that these things exist. Why then, can reincarnation or the re-birth of a life force exist?

One thing is for certain, although some people may see a dead tree, others will see a new life.

Life is what you perceive it to be. Death is only what you make of it. Death is only final if you fail to see beyond it.

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