Feb Photo 13 – Blue

Posted: February 13, 2012 in Art, Car, Feb Photo, Meme, Personal

Feb Photo 13 – Blue

Lately I have been getting into the photoshopping of classic cars. Recently there was a vintage car show in my neighbourhood, held down on a disused (but sturdy!) pier, with over 200 vintage cars showing up for the fundraising event. This is one of the cars I photographed for my photographic manipulation sessions.

The fact that this car, a 1932 Ford Cruiser, is even still functional is a marvel in itself, but to see it in this fine condition, driveable and looking like it has just been bought brand new, is simply amazing. I am not a rev-head by any means, however I do appreciate the work that has gone into them, not to mention the money involved in taking on a project like this. The level of detail is simply amazing, considering one cannot simply go into a local garage and purchase spare parts over the counter.

My photoshopping tasks are simple. I photograph the cars, clip them (remove all background elements, so it is just a car), then I attempt to remove as much of the reflected interference (some of these cars are VERY reflective!). I then add a shadow to them, and upload them to my RedBubble site, where I sell them as greeting cards, canvasses, prints and even iPhone cases. As well as the cars, I have uploaded a good amount of my artwork from sketches and paintings to digital creations.

The above photograph was taken at Seaworks, Williamstown, Victoria, Australia. The day these were shot, there was a Lions Fundraiser event, $5 entry, and 200+ cars to ogle over. This particular car was a favourite, due to its vintage-style paint work, stickers and style.

Below is a link to my RedBubble site, feel free to purchase some of my artwork! 🙂

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