Feb Photo 9 – Front Door

Posted: February 10, 2012 in Boring, Feb Photo, Meme, Personal

Feb Photo 9 – Front Door

We all know what a front door is. most of us have one, and most people who have a front door may not even pay much attention to it.

A front door is much more than an entrance into a house or apartment, it is an entrance into your own personal world. Everything you hold dear in your life is generally found within your home (excluding a car, of course). The front door is the first, and often the only line of defense between an undesirable person and your little world inside. It is what greets friends and family when they visit, and in many cases, it defines the kind of person that is hiding behind it.

In England, and many parts of Europe, entire suburbs consisting of terrace houses, stretch out as far as one can see. Often the only thing that defines one from another is a brightly painted front door. Directions to friends to visit you might consist of ‘go past the red door, we are three doors on the left past the blue spotted door’.

This image is of my own front door. Although we are renting (in today’s housing market, this is more common than purchase), this door has character and personality. It often gets complimented on its unique style, as it is metal-coated timber, with a strange yellow glass porthole with bars on it, that serves no purpose other than to let light through. I would be tempted to take it with me when it is time to move (with the landlord’s permission, of course!).

This is the door to my world.


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