Feb Photo 5 – 10am

Posted: February 10, 2012 in Boring, Feb Photo, Meme, Personal

Feb Photo 5 – 10am

10am is a magical time of day for some people. I am lucky to be one of these people.

You see, on the days that I am not employed in a conventional way (eg. I work from home, or I am not required in the office for that particular day) 10am is the best time to do anything down the street, from shopping, cycling, or just getting a coffee with a friend. Peak hour is over, so traffic and parking is usually better. Everyone is either at work or at school, and it’s too early for the working community to be running about with errands, coffee runs, or even banking.

Yes, at this hour, everything is open, but not many people are utilising it all (except the occasional parent on their way home from dropping off a kid at school etc).

Imagine this sort of thing in the CBD, with no crazy lines to get a burger at McDonald’s, no crazy lines to do your banking or other customer service tasks, and the footpaths are relatively navigationable. Now imagine what it is like in the suburbs… Williamstown is rather quiet, even in peak hour, so imagine it with even fewer people!

Jealous? 🙂


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