Feb Photo 2 – Words

Posted: February 9, 2012 in Boring, Feb Photo, Meme

Feb Photo 2 – Words

I know that FebPhoto is meant to be photos taken on that particular day, however what would say ‘WORDS’ better than Times Square?
Way back in 2010, I had the experience of being in Times Square (This is one of my pictures!) and seeing the ‘City of Lights’ for myself. Let’s just say, the name was given to New York City for a reason.

In today’s modern world, we are constantly surrounded by Advertising. Corporate brand names. Words. It may not even be obvious to you, but it is usually there. Recently, I was hiking in a national park. I was about 15km into the hike, surrounded by green, no signal on my phone, and nothing to be heard but nature. Looking down, I saw a Coke Bottle, and in it, an Energy Bar wrapper. Even out here, I was exposed to Corporate Branding.

At no location I have ever been to, has Advertising been more apparent than in Times Square. Every surface that is looked upon has something to sell you. If it isn’t in neon, it is in chalk on the sidewalk, or being shoved into your hand on a piece of paper. As someone who works in the Advertising industry, this place was amazing. Watching the local people stroll by, totally unaware of the neon surrounding them, and just wanting to get about their business, whilst the tourists were clicking pictures of every angle possible.

The companies that have signs here get a bonus that is above advertising in the busiest city in the Western world… International exposure through photography.


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