Posted: October 1, 2011 in Art, Our World, Work

When we were in Japan in 2010, I noticed a huge influx of QR Barcodes everywhere. From Advertising, Billboards, Packaging, Busses, receipts, even clothing. I wondered, why are these not used outside of Asia? they are a potentially huge tool in the industry, and can convey a lot of information to the end-user in a short amount of time.

Lately, I have noticed these QR Codes becoming more and more popular in Australia, although still nowhere near the potential of how they are used in other parts of the world…

Behold, my own QR Code.

Now, for people who don’t know what this is, get a QR Reader for your phone (usually free from the app store, OVI store or android market) and use the program to take a photo of this code. Now realise the potential of this much info being available in such a short time for a consumer.

For example, it’s raining, I get on a bus to go a few stops, I see an ad that interests me, but have no time to write down the name or details of the company. OR I could take a photo of the QR code the company has provided, and potentially purchase their product later.

Of course, this is a rather large QR, as it contains so much info, but they can be used for a simple URL, an email message, to make a call, Google Maps Location, Youtube, Facebook or other social network profile, or in this case, a vCard. I have left out details from this one (Phone number, fax, and a range of other optional details, however it can all be entered!

Give it a go, Google QR Barcode Generator and get making your own! They make a rather fun Social Network user-pic, or email sig too (well, they will, once it catches on a bit more here…)


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