Posted: September 19, 2011 in Boring, Memories, Personal

Isn’t it strange how the human mind works? Some things, seemingly forgotten, either due to them being such a small part of a larger experience, or at the time, unimportant.

Stranger still, is how these memories can come flooding back with such vivid detail, all stemming from one small trigger. It could be a smell, a song, a photo or perhaps something that is said in a conversation.

In my case, I was recently cleaning out my backpack. I have had this backpack for a few years, and never totally cleaned it out, so it had pay slips from work, multiple pens (that all hide in some unseen crevice when I need one to write with!), my glasses, a harmonica, a carabiner, an old MX newspaper, some aspirin, and the list goes on. One small item, that was almost thrown out was a receipt. This was not just any receipt, but my first one from a foreign land. Japan.

Japan Shower Receipt

This single receipt brought back memories of us being at Narita Airport for a 12 hour stopover, at a time when we were still finding our legs, working out where we could get to that wasn’t too far away etc. Narita has a lovely system (which is probably at every airport, but I have just never noticed it at any other airport)where, for a measly 500 Yen, you can purchase 30 minutes of hot water in a shower cubicle. fresh towels and supplies are always at hand, and the room has its own climate control, so it is never too hot or too cold.

Consider that I am a responsible Aussie, obeying our water restrictions here of 2 minutes or less for showers, and given that we had been running about, then sitting on a plane for 12 hours, and you will begin to understand what 30 minutes of hot water is worth…

For anyone not cluey with the conversion rates, 500 Yen worked out at the time to be $4 Australian. Although it wasn’t cheap, it was probably the best shower I have had on a holiday. Massage jets, perfect temperature, oversized fluffy towels and no time limit. And all of these memories came back from a simple little receipt.

The mind is a strange place…


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