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Posted: September 15, 2011 in Art, Guitar, Music, Rant, Work

You would think that now I am working practically fulltime, and everythign is picking up pace in the approach to the Christmas rush of the advertising and design market, that I would simply not have any spare time to spend on much outside of work, especially in the creative areas, given that I am working in the industry (and perhaps manage to get it all out at work!)…

You would be wrong…

Firstly, my writing is a bit slower than I would like (on the novel, anyway, but it is fast approaching 10,000 words, so thats fine as far as I am concerned) however, I have been writing some new song lyrics. Mostly in the blues genre, but not in the traditional sense. When I write a song, specifically the lyrics, I get the tune in my mind as I write the line of words, so compared to some who write lyrics then music, or music then lyrics, my writing sort of progresses with both areas equally, albeit slower.

I have been doing a fair bit of photoshopping and contouring of photographs (precisely cutting out backgrounds etc) as a part of an upcoming project I will be launching soon via my RedBubble site. The results of this project will be available to anyone as cards, prints, canvasses, posters and perhaps even tshirts, if I decide to do the extra work involved in that part…

New art pieces are eventuating, original art pieces, not copies of others. I have been having many thoughts on pieces, even ways to tie them together into a themed exhibition, or similar. I have never had an exhibition, so to do one would have to be a goal of mine…

I have almost finished building a new guitar (lapsteel slide guitar, so not a regular one!) with plans to build a Bass guitar (a left-handed Paul McCartney bass) in the not too distant future. Other woodwork projects are to build a bedhead (photos to follow!) and possibly a dining table. My desk is starting to get a bit ratty, so thats another idea too…

I have finished reupholstering the couch by hand, including the framework, handstitching the cushions and polishing the timber armrests. VERY comfy! I have also finished an iPod speaker unit in an old ammunition case, reupholstered and rewired the rear parcel shelf in my car, and I have been rather busily making paper bricks to burn in the open fireplace (although not so much need for them anymore, with Summer peeking around the corner…)

So as you can see, my creative bug cannot me squashed with a full time job, nor can it be squashed by any one of my individual projects… now if only I could finish more of them…!



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