Rollercoaster week…

Posted: August 30, 2011 in Art, Rant, Work

Wow, where to begin?!
So much has been happening!

Ok, I will start with last Thursday… I had to head into the WTC in the City, and into Police Headquarters, as my Security license was due to expire. This time around they require a full criminal check, which involves a full set of fingerprints, palm prints, writers prints (sides of hands) etc, which are not done using ink anymore, rather a nifty hi-tech scanner that digitally scans prints into the system directly. Brilliant!

Every year a new requirement is added to license renewal. Last time around, every guard in the country had to return to school and qualify for Level 3 (previously guards in Victoria only required Level 2), which of course cost a fair chunk of cash and time to do. This time it is fingerprinting (which I agree SHOULD be on file!) which costs $137.00 plust the regular licensing fees etc… a fair hit to the wallet!

Friday I was woken by my temp agency calling to see if I could work on short notice (ie. in 1 hours time). I was out the door and at a desk in a little more than an hour in the CBD! Worked in a wonderful studio, such a laid-back environment, and all so friendly! (most places I temp at are very friendly and appreciate my work, which is always good!)

By the end of Friday, I had another shift lined up this week, another possible, and an interview.

Monday I had the interview, which was in a really nice building in South Melbourne, near St Kilda Road, for a print designer / finished artist / minor web design required. On the way to the interview, as I was walking down the footpath with my iPod playing Abbey Road (GREAT Interview preparation, it always centres me) I turn to look at a guy walking next to me, as he was reading something as he read, and recognised him as actor Geoffrey Rush. Once he got off the phone (multitasking guy that he is!) I managed to stop him for an autograph and a very brief chat. I told him I admired his work, and didn’t realise he was back in Australia, as he was on The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson about a week ago, which Geoffrey said was taped in May, as Craig is on holidays at the moment. So I said my goodbyes, thanked him again for the autograph, and headed to the interview (which went well, by the way!)

Today, Tuesday, I have worked at a funky little studio in South Melbourne, not far from Clarendon St, and only a block or so away from where I began my designing work life. The work today was rather easy on the mind, but fiddly, so all up, I took 8 hours to do 10 A4 pages of design and layout (which is soooo slow!) but they seemed happy, so hopefully back there again soon!

Tomorrow, and for the rest of the week, I will be working with the big boys on Collins St, in an international Advertising Agency, working on who-knows-what.

I have realised how much I have missed this type of temping work, the whole in-out and off to another site is just amazing, fills me with confidence, and gets my creative juices going again! Imagine working at a place that are so thankful that you have even shown up, let alone do the work for them (and in less time than expected!), no office politics, no mind-games, no backstabbing or bitchiness etc, simply go to work, get the job done and get out again. THAT is what I am doing now! And to top it off, I am in a range of different environments, from Corporate to ‘crank up the music and wear jeans and sneakers’ in the space of two days.

Who knows what the following days will reveal for me, but as long as the hours keep coming in, and the pay keeps flowing into my account, I am one happy little artist right now!



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