Psoriasis under control!

Posted: August 11, 2011 in Boring, Personal, Rant

**WARNING** This post contains skin and beauty techniques…

You may recall that I posted a while ago, stating that I suffered from Psoriasis… Previous Post

I thought I might give you an update on this. Although there is still no cure for it, there are many ways to mask the symptoms, and thus look as if it has been cured, albeit for a short period of time. Up until a few months ago I have been a firm believer of the Coal Tar method, as this seemed to retard the growth of excess skin cells, and give a much nicer complexion. This however, caused me to not read a label correctly on a ‘coal tar’ product, use it incorrectly, and suffer some rather nasty chemical burns on my face. Although some labels SAY Coal Tar, they don’t actually CONTAIN Coal Tar, just the fragrance (which I must say is rather offensive to many people…)

I was recently shown a new product at one of my temp assignments called “Moo Goo”. I was told to give it a go, and, after reading the ingredients and seeing it was 95% natural herbs etc, I gave it a go. This Moo Goo stuff was simply a miracle! In about 30-60 minutes, I could feel my skin was softer, less scaly and once I checked in the mirror (yes, I am that vain!) noticed it even looked better. This, compared to Coal Tar’s ‘overnight’ improvement was simply amazing.

I have since bought a tube of the Eczema & Psoriasis cream, (there are two types, only this one works for Psoriasis, apparently) which was rather difficult to track down, as it is obviously in high demand. After a 2 week wait for it to get in at the local shop, I stumbled onto it in a place in the CBD, and although more expensive than the Coal Tar (Coal Tar was $375 a bottle, Moo Goo is $18.00 a tube) I feel that this is a change that I am going to stick to.

I recommend it to any sufferer of Psoriasis or Eczema who has tried the options out there, but found they didn’t work.

I will post a before and after shot soon, if I can find a good ‘before’ shot!

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