30th has arrived…

Posted: July 11, 2011 in Memories, Personal, Rant

Well, my 30th has arrived…
looking back, I had made a list of achievements that I had hoped to reach by now ( see here )
Well, now is the time for a follow-up post!

1. Lose weight.
Well, this one failed, in fact, I actually put on some weight… but I’m not letting it bother me…

2. Get a full-time job
LOL Well, I was temping, but I am currently unemployed, so another backward step (also trying to not let it bother me…)

3. Start my own business
I have been trading with my ABN, however no business started yet… a few new ideas in the pipe works tho, stay tuned…

4. Start a band
Nope, no band either! Had a few possible options, however nothing that really clicked with my visions…

5. Get married
Nope, haven’t done this yet either…

6. Do more art
Now, this is one I have been working on! I have been doing a lot more art in the first half of this year, and even offering it for sale via my redbubble site here…, as well as via my facebook and word of mouth…

7. Travel more
Apart from the odd trip to Lorne, Castlemaine and local areas, I have had no major travelling adventures…

8. Finish my projects
I have finished a few projects, but I have also started more, including the hand-sewing of a couch to restore it, and a lap-steel guitar.

9. Write a novel
I have begun work on my book of short stories, and I have also started the research for my novel. the concept is sorted, however without the research into the subject and the period, I can’t tell you much more, without it sounding rather average… I have tried to describe what is in my head in “100 words of less” to some close friends, however it is too hard to explain, so reading a draft in the future will have to do…

hmmm… looks like the last 6 months have been more artistic than logically productive… no surprises there…

  1. Lach says:

    Happy birthday Pat,

    Here’s some (possibly unwanted) advice from a writer to someone who has just started writing. I think it’s quite admirable that you’ve started it up again, and I wish you all the best. However, if you’re thinking of writing a short story collection for publication (rather than for self-gratification or for the amusement of friends and family) there are a few things you should heed. A book of short stories is the hardest thing to get published – harder than a novel, harder than non-fiction, etc and so on. My advice is thus: write some stories (a handful), send them off to various journals and magazines in the hope of getting them published individually, write more stories as you wait for a response, repeat the process.

    As I said, a collection is the hardest thing to get published, and almost impossible if you have no previous published stories to your name. Not wanting to rain on your parade, just wanting you to be aware of how the industry works.

    Take care now,


    • hi Lach!
      well, all constructive criticism is usually taken aboard…
      I am mainly using the short stories (at least for now) to get back into it all, and start my brain into thinking narratively again, as it has been a while, and with the internet age upon us, my descriptive and story-telling abilities have gone the way of “140 characters or less” or short status / sms updates. I am also hoping it gets me back into using my imagination more, as my mind is becoming more and more artistic, but more rigid and logical (well, I like to think so, anyway!) and methodical. I want to get it back to where it was in school, where it was more free-flowing and the ability to simply sit and write a story was easy for me. Now, it is taking me several weeks on a single story, where it had once taken me about 50 minutes to write a story in English Creative Writing, and it would usually get me about a B average… (yes, I know school marks aren’t anything in the real world, but it did seem to be more natural then than it is now)
      Once I get these short ones bumped out, the research for my novel (which I am doing in the background, and which is actually serving as a nice distraction when I hit a wall in the writing) should be complete, and I will jump straight into that…
      The short stories may just sit here and do nothing, I may allow people to read them at some point, or they may remain personal… sort of a writing workshop diary.
      Currently, I have been sniffing around a few publishers to see what the industry is like, and Penguin has said on their site that they are not accepting any new adult books, but they are accepting teenager and childrens books, which is sort of where the short stories fall into (they are more in the “Goosebumps” field of stories)… but I do have my eyes peeled for some other places to publish similar stories… Just worried about plagiarism, if it is simply a newsletter-type setup (assuming someone thinks it is worth stealing, of course)

      I knew that you were a writer, but I don’t think that I knew of the type of stuff you are currently writing… I would be interested in checking it out, if you were willing to let me, and I would of course let you read mine (if you were interested, of course)

      thanks for the input, Lach! We will have to catch up soon! 😀

  2. Mad Que says:

    you aged and you didnt tell me?
    the dreaded 3 0….
    couch project sounds good though. 😀

    • hahaha yeah, i am in the ‘old’ category now! I sent out a facebook invite… but u left facebook!! 😦
      didn’t do that much, was a rather quiet event… no all-night drinking sessions or anything…
      couch is looking well, I have been hand-stitching, and I have two cushions to go, so shouldn’t be much longer now… arms and legs are varnished and painted etc, so will have more pics on facebook soon. when I upload them, I will email u a direct link to them, so you can have a look!
      working in Collingwood this week (and the CBD, and Footscray… being rather busy in the past week or so! working at 3 sites this week so far, possibly a fourth too!)

      I have some work from TMC, some from Artisan, and some from my old CD & DVD job… so pretty good in the grand scheme!
      perhaps if you are passing through the city on Wednesday Night, we could do a catch up? I have the same number, not sure what ur deal is tho, but sms me and we can queue something up!
      take care, hope it is all going smashin for you at the big S, say hi to everyone from me!

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