30 Day Song Challenge – Day 30

Posted: July 10, 2011 in Meme, Music, Personal
Day 30 – Your Favourite Song At This Time Last Year – Hair! – Broadway Soundtrack – Hair!
At this time last year, I had only just returned from my whirlwind overseas holiday that I had won See Here! One experience that stood out from the experiences on this trip, however, was seeing HAIR! on Broadway. To see a show that was written in a city, about the city and for performances in that city, is something that needs to be experienced. Although not the complete original script, it had been reworked by the original author and musical arranger, and given their seal of approval. The show had a bit of the dialogue edited out, a few references updated, and focussed more on the songs and music. To see ANYTHING on Broadway is an experience in itself, and one which I can recommend to every single person to do at least once in their life, but for me, Hair! is the ultimate show that would simply not be the same anywhere else. Other shows like ‘Lion King’ and ‘Mary Poppins’ can travel, and are generally relevant wherever they are seen, but Hair! is a New York show, which loses some of its essence when it performed anywhere else.
This particular song is written from the view of a hippy, who is being forced to conform with society’s standards of ‘short hair, suit and tie’ before anyone would show the respect that most people take for granted. This song is singing about how, regardless of the way someone looks, and what some people regard as normal, that every single person is a human being who is deserving of respect. Regardless of the length or style of ones hair, or the clothes they wear, or even the lifestyle choices taken, everyone deserves the respect that you would expect to be given in return.
This whole musical delivers the core values of the hippie movement; Love one another, be yourself, respect all living things and don’t let every day life get you down.
New Broadway Cast
David Letterman
check out 1:42 up the back on the right… THERE I AM!! 😀

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