30 Day song Challenge – Day 26

Posted: July 6, 2011 in Meme, Music, Personal

Day 26 – A Song That You Can Play On An Instrument – No Doubt – Sunday Morning (Bass)

Although I can play quite a few songs on a few different instruments, I decided to go with my first song on bass.

Back in Year 12 I studied “Music Performance – Group”. This was my only attempt at music theory that was not compulsory (In year 7 and 8, we had compulsory music theory classes). This was basically my last attempt at learning to read music in a classroom environment, but still maintain the performance side of things, as I enjoy performing more than theory (who wouldn’t?)

Anyway, we were put into bands – in total there were three bands, with myself being in band #2. We then realised that about half the class was made up of guitarists. There were only barely enough drummers to go around, and I believe some people were forced to be vocalists, as there were only a few of them in there, also. What that meant was that the guitarists were split into the bands equally, with two bands having 3 guitarists, and the remainder having 4, from memory. Other bands had one guitarist who could double onto keyboards or something else, so that solved a few problems for them, however our band had only guitarists. We also had no bassist. So, we took it in turns to play bass, lead and rhythm guitar.

After 1st Term, however, one guitarist dropped out of the class. this complicated things, as some songs required two guitars and a bass. Our keyboardist managed to synth in a second guitar on a few tracks, and I was delegated to bass for at least half of the songs. I hated bass. I think I hated it, as I couldn’t play it, and it was like starting from scratch again.

The first song that I learnt on bass was “No Doubt – Sunday Morning”. It is rather easy to play, has a great running bass hook, and a catchy ska-esque rhythm to it. Once I started learning it, and realising that the bass is so similar to the guitar, except lacking a few strings, it didn’t seem so daunting. I started getting into it (although, still craving more songs to play on the guitar, my first choice of instrument)

When it was time for our final assessment, the rules were simple. We could each play any instrument or instruments we wanted, but once they commenced the exam, we would be graded on every sound we produced. This was a stressing factor, as I am left-handed, the other guy was right-handed, and it involved swapping guitars into various amps etc, making loud popping sounds etc. We explained before-hand, and got the ok for these extra sounds, as it was impossible to avoid. Once we began, I played the first half on bass, ending my bass set with this song, from memory, and then moving over onto the guitar for my guitar set. I have heard that the examiner was impressed with my level of skill on each instrument, and that I showed accuracy and talent for each. He was also unsure which was my primary instrument, which I thought was amusing!

I was graded an A- for my performance, which was my highest mark in all of my VCE studies.

For more info on my music exam, I was actually blogging all those years ago… here is the link!


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