Wearing a bit thin… A rant…

Posted: July 1, 2011 in Personal, Rant, Work

Ok I have officially been unemployed for 8 weeks now. It is beginning to wear very thin.

Yes, having a ton of spare time was fun for the first week or two, but after that, it grow a little tired, and I simply want to get back into it. I have applied for no less that 300 jobs in 2 months, and from that I have received 3 interviews, and also 10-15 “sorry, no deal” emails. The percentages of those numbers both disgusts me and lowers my self-confidence in my abilities. I know that if given the chance in my chosen field, I can, and will knock them dead. I have skills, I am not afraid to use them.

My problem with this is, I have done a lot of work in the government sector and large industry; work that is covered by a confidentiality clause. Even 5 years later, it is still covered, and if I attempt to use it or get a hold of it, I risk being prosecuted. I take this very seriously, as if I am caught for it, I can kiss working for a reputable design firm goodbye, not to mention having a conviction will cause me to lose my Security License. Over the years, I have worked on multi-million dollar tenders for construction firms, classified documents for large consultancy firms, accounting information for international brands, and the list goes on.

That said, I cannot gain an interview, because my folio is rather empty, due to the confidentiality issues. I cannot show samples of these, and could not even replicate them, as I do not have any information or graphs to insert (even the graphs were styled into the company’s branding). I was told the other day on the phone that my folio was amateur, it lacked depth or substance, and I would be lucky to get a junior or graduate position with it, as it does not contain many samples. Never mind the fact that I have 7 years experience in a range of different environments, and I could easily sit a competency test and blitz it, however this is not an option. Some of these people refuse to call my referees, as ‘they could just lie to us’. Well, why bother even ASKING for referees?!

Don’t even get me started on phone interviews… I have had one in the past few months, and seriously, whats the point? It is an art position, you ask me to describe the work I have done, but wouldn’t you also want to see it? Not that I have a sample to show you, but asking to see it, even via email would be nice…

Centrelink just announced my fortnightly payment via mail, after 3 days of screwing around with paperwork, going back-and-forth from home and centrelink because the phone operator cannot tell me when asked what I am required to take to the office, so I always end up forgetting something, or not filling out the right forms (which they handed me to fill out only moments earlier…). Brace yourselves people, my fortnightly payment will be…


Yes, three dollars and twenty-one cents. Per-fortnight. That breaks down to $1.60 & 1/2 per-week. Don’t spend it all at once, kiddies. This is meant to cover my travel to and from interviews, my bills, my rent and all of that stuff that regular people get paid for at work. I understand that they cannot put the welfare payments too high, or people would leave their jobs and sit on welfare to soak in the sunlight and eat caviar all day, but seriously… $3.21 a fortnight seems a little low. In context, I have no assets to write home about, no property, an ooold car, no flat-screen tv, no diamond-encrusted teeth, nothing that would bring it down terribly much at all (if at all!) so I am glad I didn’t buy that island off Fiji, as that may have dropped my payments down even further…

At least now I can pool my money for 2 months to buy a copy of Rolling Stone…

< /rant > … for now…


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