a rant…

Posted: July 1, 2011 in Personal, Rant, Work

and another thing…

WHY do interviewers find the need to interview for an hour per person, ask all kinds of stupid questions, and then not even call the people who made it to an interview stage (or even email them!), rather, they re-advertise the position on the same sites as they did previously?

This is happening waaaay too often now, where a simple email to say ‘Sorry, you were unsuccessful” would not only let me know that I need to lift my game, but would also allow me to focus on future interviews. It shows a company that is non-confrontational, lacks professionalism and courtesy, and lacks people skills. A company that cannot even find the time or decency to email the unsuccessful candidates does not sound like a very good place to work for anyway, let alone represent me in the industry… but as this is not the first time this has happened, it shows an ugly and unprofessional trend beginning.

Think about it, I take half a day to attend, I suit up, tie, etc to present myself, I take along my folio (which wasn’t looked at) and my CV (which was not read very thoroughly), get Public transport (horrible!!) into the city to avoid the parking costs of Melbourne CBD, get there early, yet I am kept waiting. I am then told to do a “personality test” to gauge my suitability for the position (on a computer, rather than simply asking me questions and getting to know me… I am a nice guy, I don’t bite…!) Followed by a 30-minute interview that only shows me that my resume was not read, but merely glazed-over briefly.

So, I see it as… my effort = medium to high… their effort = below par, possibly not even relevant.

Why interview someone without first reading their resume?? Why not simply ask me questions about my personality, or simply have a chat (or, god forbid, call my references!)



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