30 Day Song Challenge – Day 16

Posted: June 26, 2011 in Meme, Music, Personal

Day 16 – A Song That You Used To Love But Now Hate

This is officially the toughest question of this 30 day challenge.
Usually, when I hear a song, I either like it or hate it… straight out of the box. Rarely will a song ‘grow on me’. But I cannot remember a song that I once loved, and now hate. There are perhaps songs that I might like a little less than when I first heard them, but after a few weeks or months of not hearing them, I would probably build up a tolerance for them again.
Usually I tie a song to a memory. This could be either a conscious, or sub-conscious decision, when, a few months on, and I hear the song that was playing when an event happened, and all my memories of that event come flooding back.

This has been the case for all kinds of events, both Important & Life-Changing events, such as weddings, funerals, birthday milestones, the last time I saw someone before they died, the first song I heard when hearing some news… all the way down to the minor events, like a good meal, first song on a stereo in a new car, first song learnt on guitar etc.

I could name any or all of these events, simply from hearing the song on a record, cassette, CD or radio. Even hearing a few notes of the song, perhaps sampled in someone else’s song will have me recollecting memories from years earlier.

I can still remember a song that was on the radio a lot when I was a child, and my parents would put me down for a nap in my crib. I was probably no older than 2, but I remember an old transistor radio in a black vinyl protective cover being switched onto AM (no FM back then, kiddies!) and placed on top of a wardrobe in my room as I lay there, determined not to fall asleep. I remember it being not warm, but not cold, so perhaps about 25 degrees Celsius, I can see the dust floating in the sunbeams coming through the window in the late afternoon, drifting over my crib, and even a green polar-fleece-type blanket that was placed on the foot of my crib. And, of course, this song was playing on the radio. The song was “Joe Cocker – Up Where We Belong”. Now, when this song is heard, it always reminds me of this time.

I believe my grandma had something similar in the workings of her mind. My Nan would remember where to find a piece of music in her sheet music collection (literally boxes and boxes, and in no particular order) not by where she stored it, or even where she saw it last, when looking for another piece. No, my Nan would remember a piece of music by the event she last played it. Nan would usually put her music into plastic display books for events, so for a Christmas Mass, Easter Service, Funeral, Wedding etc, they all had a display book. For the weddings and funerals books, the music was interchanged when required for different tastes etc. This said, if I asked her where I could find a copy of “Ave Maria” in her collection, she could confidently answer something like “In the Christmas book from 1974, 3rd hymn” or “wedding book, 5 from the back” etc.

This was simply amazing that she could remember what she had played from years earlier, and sometimes, finding the book was a feat in itself, so not something she had stumbled upon a week earlier… no, my Nan’s mind worked a lot like mine, linking memories to songs. In my Nan’s case, a lot of her life was her music talent, playing the organ at church, either for mass or other events; so it was only natural that Nan could remember exactly where a piece was. The funny part was though, for most of these events, she had the music in front of her, but I realised when I was young, and allowed to sit next to her at the pipe organ… my Nan mostly played with her eyes closed and an innocent smile on her face, as if simply by playing the music, she was remembering the last time she played it. And the time before that. Or perhaps, even the first time she mastered a piece. I never asked her, I only looked on in wonder that she could know so many songs, and not even need to look at what she was doing.

I only hope that when I am her age, I can do the same thing.


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