30 Day Song Challenge – Day 13

Posted: June 23, 2011 in Meme, Music, Personal

day 13 – A Song That Is A Guilty Pleasure – B52’s – Rock Lobster

Many songs would make this list for me, but the only one that comes to mind, partly for it’s naff lyrics and sound effects, secondly for it’s retro-overloaded video clip is “B52s – Rock Lobster”.

This song was one of their stranger songs, with lyrics that just beg to be dissected. It tells the story of a beach party, where one of the partiers finds a rock lobster (also known as a crayfish, but that isn’t as catchy, is it?) The story sort of gets a bit lost towards the end, as sound effects and more bogus lyrics are introduced like “In walked a Jellyfish” and “Here comes a bikini whale!!!”

I find this as a guilty pleasure, as it’s a rather daggy song, most people groan in disbelief when it comes on at a party, however I find this song so daggy, that it is almost cool to like it, and it is definitely cool to cover it in a band.

A while ago, I was working for a company as a designer. I was allowed to have my music on at this site, and mostly, I wore my headphones. That is, until this song came on, where I would crank it up so my headphones became faux-speakers and we would all laugh at the nutty lyrics. This became a semi-tradition for Friday afternoons, in which we would play it as the last song of the day, once all the work was finished and we were packing up to go home. Sort of a nerdy start to the weekend. This semi-tradition got out of hand though, as it started getting played at the end of each day, and then before lunch, and then any time there was an awkward silence at work. I believe the play count on iTunes after 3 months of this exceeded 200 plays.

The clip for this song makes little sense, as it is simply the group standing on a soundstage, all in clashing outfits, from a pith helmet, a Star Trek costume and beehive hairdos. all play their parts, all are animated, but as a whole, makes little sense. I love it! 😀

B52s – Rock Lobster (promo)

B52s – Rock Lobster (Family Guy Version)

B52s – Rock Lobster

Something you should know about Rock Lobster Lyrics

Title: The B-52’s – Rock Lobster lyrics

Artist: The B-52’s Lyrics

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We were at a party
His ear lobe fell in the deep
Someone reached in and grabbed it
It was a rock lobster

We were at the beach
Everybody had matching towels
Somebody went under a dock
And there they saw a rock
It wasn’t a rock
It was a rock lobster

Motion in the ocean
His air hose broke
Lots of trouble
Lots of bubble
He was in a jam
S’in a giant clam

Down, down

Underneath the waves
Mermaids wavin’
Wavin’ to mermen
Wavin’ sea fans
Sea horses sailin’
Dolphins wailin’

Red snappers snappin’
Clam shells clappin’
Muscles flexin’
Flippers flippin’

Down, down

Let’s rock!

Boy’s in bikinis
Girls in surfboards
Everybody’s rockin’
Everybody’s fruggin’

Twistin’ ’round the fire
Havin’ fun
Bakin’ potatoes
Bakin’ in the sun

Put on your noseguard
Put on the lifeguard
Pass the tanning butter

Here comes a stingray
There goes a manta-ray
In walked a jelly fish
There goes a dogfish
Chased by a catfish
In flew a sea robin
Watch out for that piranha
There goes a narwhale


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