30 Day Song Challenge – Day 10

Posted: June 20, 2011 in Meme, Music, Personal

Day 10 – A Song That Makes You Fall Asleep – Deep Forest – Sweet Lullaby

This is one of the toughest questions on this list, as far as I am concerned. As a long time sufferer of insomnia, there isn’t a lot of things that DO get me to sleep, except for staying awake until the point of exhaustion, and hit the sack quickly before a second wave of energy hits me.

That said, an artist that helps to relax me would be Deep Forest. I think this is partly due to their earthy sound, minimalistic approach to music, the lack of guitars and mainstream instruments (which I more often than not try to analyse and dissect) but also, their lack of lyrics, or more accurately, lack of English lyrics that I can understand and pay attention to. Their sound simply swallows me up, allows me to listen, but not analyse, and therefore, relax.

As this is a SONG challenge, and not an ALBUM challenge, I would have to choose their most well-known song from the early 1990s as “Sweet Lullaby”. This song was played on mainstream radio, on Video Hits, Rage, Triple J, and also made it into some clubs with the help of remixed versions.

There are a few different official versions of this clip floating around on YouTube, all have been viewed on MTV at some point, and all approved by the group. There were a few versions out in 1992 when it was first released, and remixes done, both by Deep Forest, and by other artists since then.

I first heard this song in 1993, when, in year 6, we had a drama class. Our drama teacher was a bit of a ‘free spirit’ and instead of teaching us to act, sing or ‘become a tree’ she either sat us down to play some Cat Stevens on a guitar (actually, my first real inspiration to play guitar!) or, more often we were told to lay down on the gym floor, she would put some deep forest on the cassette player (kids, go to google and search for “Cassette Tape”) and we were instructed how to control our breathing and relax. In simpler terms, she taught us to meditate. The Deep Forest albums are a very relaxing and calming thing for me, both when I am trying to sleep, and also, when I need to just refocus my thinking. I sometimes walk up the road, sit on the beach, and put these albums on shuffle on my iPod, and simply refocus my thinking, control my breathing and try to imagine my blood pressure falling. Unlike with other songs or albums, I am not focussing my ears onto a single instrument or vocal line and trying to analyse it, or trying to work out a chord progression, and nor am I ever inclined to pick up a guitar and try to learn it. It is something I can respect, listen to and not try to emulate.

Sweet Lullaby’s lyrics, although in an African dialect, translate into English rather well. They are repetitive throughout the song as a single verse.

Deep Forest – Sweet Lullaby (English Lyrics)

Young brother, young brother you be quiet
Although you are crying to me
Your father has left us
He has gone to the place of the dead
Protect the head of the living, Protect the orphan child
Young brother, young brother hey? although you are crying to me
Your father has left us
He has gone to the place of the dead
Protect the head of the living, protect the orphan child

Deep Forest – Sweet Lullaby (Brazilian Version)

Deep Forest – Sweet Lullaby (2004 Version)


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