Interview Rant Pt. 2…

Posted: June 19, 2011 in Rant, Work

Oh, and another thing…

A friend reminded me of another thing I have ranted about in various forms outside of this blog… the dreaded “group interview”. As far as I am concerned, these are not only a waste of time to attend, as the whole basis is to work with a bunch of potential idiots to get a task done, which does not reflect a real-life scenario, as a group in the workplace might have one idiot in it, but if the employer had completed the interview stage properly, the workplace would not have many, if any idiots in it to begin with.

The other thing that bugs me about these complete waste-of-time interviews is, most of the tasks that are required to be completed seem to revolve around time management, organisational skills, team work and professionalism… yet these interviews are usually run as a group interview because the employer cannot find the time to sift through resumes and pick out the few potentially great potentials, so lumps everyone into a large group (bad time management skills) then the employer will hire a consultancy firm to interview the potentials, as they cannot find the time to even sit with the potentials to find the diamond in the rough (bad professional approach and also bad time management skills)

The group tasks are usually ‘unwinnable’ in which, the task is an impossible task, or the time limit is simply impossible to achieve the task etc. Also, working in these groups is very-much removed from a professional scenario. For example, “List the 10 best qualities that you think are relevant to the position you are applying for. put them in order from most important to least important. You have 5 minutes, and 12 people in the group to argue with.” The problem is, there is usually at least one complete dick in the group, who insists that their answers are correct and most important. this person is usually wearing a suit and hair product, even though everyone was told to dress smart-casual. Then there is the quiet person who simply agrees with everyone or barely speaks. This is usually the genius in the group, however they were perhaps ridiculed through school by one of the dick-type people, and therefore doesn’t answer and simply agrees.

If you are the loud obnoxious dick-type person, you are almost guaranteed to be blacklisted in the interview process, because no one likes a bossy employee. If you are the quiet-type person however, you would also most likely be guaranteed a black mark, as no one wants someone who remains quiet and possibly wont voice up about something dangerous in the office. Trying to be anything in between is always tricky, and usually lumps you will the writing-down part of the task, and mediating with all of the idiots, dicks and silent-types. This can be a good thing, however you must remember, you were TOLD it was a group activity, so if you are seen to be doing too much of the work on your own, you will get a black mark for not following directions.

Being interviewed in a group / classroom format has many flaws, and where possible, I try to avoid them. Sometimes I am not told about the format until I arrive, in which case, I grump about and soldier-on through it, but if I know before-hand, and I have another potential interview, I have actually cancelled a group one for a solo, regardless of the positions on offer or the potential pay, simply to avoid a group interview.

Seriously employers, if you expect people to take the time out of their day to suit-up, prepare a folio, update the resume, travel to your work site, usually on public transport, and occasionally taking time off their current job to attend, then the very least you could do is to also attend the interview, meet the candidate face to face and show them at least SOME level of respect. A group interview shows none of this, and also conveys the message that A) You don’t care enough to show up. B) You are not professional enough to manage your time well enough to attend. C) You would rather delegate to an outside firm to weed through who THEY think is a good match, rather than glance through the pile of resumes yourself to choose a smaller pool of potentials.

</rant> … for now…


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