30 Day Song Challenge – Day 09

Posted: June 19, 2011 in Meme, Music, Personal

Day 09 – A Song That You Can Dance To – Traditional – Zorba The Greek

Well, some of you may know, when I was studying at TAFE to be a designer, I had a job as a security guard to help pay the bills. My security job gave me a regular Saturday night gig (with some extra Friday nights and sometimes a Sunday night thrown in for good measure!) at a family owned reception centre. It was a lovely place to work, mostly, not too big, but big enough to hold around 200 people.
Most nights were made up of smaller groups, who had all pitched in together to rent the venue and get the band, food and all the other trimmings cheaper. There might be two tables for a Christening, one table for a 30th, another three tables for a 50th, and even a few tables for an ‘end of year’ sports club celebration, all in one venue, all at the same time. Mostly this went down without a hitch. Some nights however, two groups clashed. I am getting ahead of myself, this post could clearly go into a spiel about everything that happened there, but I will get it back on track.

Every night, regardless of the functions booked (unless specifically told otherwise… for a wedding etc) the house band would play the same sets of songs. For me, it was like Groundhog Day. Same music, same food, etc. One of the songs they played every single night I worked there, was Zorba The Greek. You know the one, the traditional Greek song and dance that drunk people attempt and usually fail, but also the same one where an 85-year-old Greek man can master with all the acrobatics required for a Cirque Del Soleil show.

Although I was working, and generally had to keep a professional look about me, after many, many, many nights of watching it being danced, I believe I can dance it now. It came on a few months ago when we were at a pub, the band there was playing it, and playing it rather well (considering they did not have a Bouzouki), and as I had been drinking, I did what many drunk Aussies had attempted before me, and tried to dance Zorba. Although I didn’t try. I did it. First time ever to dance Zorba, and due to the many years of watching others do it, I was able to dance it, and not fall over.

It’s a fairly simple dance, only going in one direction, but progressively faster. The dance involves counting to three, and two kicks, which is where most drunk people fail. After watching the links below, however, I realise that what the drunks were doing was only the second half of the song… so I only really know half of this, but it is still the only song worth mentioning in this post… 😀

Traditional – Zorba The Greek

Non-Traditional – Zorba The Greek


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