30 Day Song Challenge – Day 02

Posted: June 12, 2011 in Meme, Music, Personal

Day 02 – Your Least Favorite Song

My least favourite song, by far, is “Los Del Mar – Macerena”. The simple opening notes of this song are enough to send shivers down my spine, and my blood pressure to rise.

When this song came onto our charts, there were two versions. Both versions sounded identical to me. There were two culprits… “Los Del Mar” and “Los Del Rio”. This song shot to fame, as it came with its own ridiculous dance, which was completely ridiculous, impossible for anyone who had been drinking (highly likely, as it was played almost religiously at weddings and other events. People actually requested this at clubs! Bow your heads in shame if you were one of them…

Whilst many people adored this song, and learnt the dance moves to accompany it, I stood my ground, and can be proud to say, that I have never and will never dance this stupid dance, no matter how drunk I get… oh, and I hate this song… did I mention that?


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