30 Day Song Challenge – Overview

Posted: June 9, 2011 in Meme, Music, Personal, Rant

Hi guys!

well, starting tomorrow, my blog will be posting my 30 day song challenge. I have decided to do it all via blog, writing a more in-depth answer to each song, and encouraging me to write more, learn more and share more.

Where possible, I have included the video clips of songs, the lyrics as well as any interesting fact I could find, or already knew about the song.

For anyone reading on my livejournal, unfortunately this is a WordPress-Only event, so please feel free to subscribe to my WordPress (There is a subscribe link at the top, or if you don’t have a wordpress, you can subscribe with RSS), and it will post the entries to your inbox as they are made live. I am slowly phasing out the Livejournal, although some posts may be mirrored over there, if I can be bothered…

Of course, if you are on Facebook, you can log in and comment to my blog with your Facebook account (apparently, I have never commented on my own blog in this way, so I can only tell you what others have told me) so please check on my Facebook for updates.

My WordPress blog can be found at Axeman’s Ramblings…



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