Posted: May 27, 2011 in Art, Personal, Rant, Work

Lately, I have been having more and more thoughts regarding my goal to write a novel.

I have a concept for a story, and I am eager to write, but I do not have a plot-line. This is always the hardest for me, as even if I have a concept, I usually start writing and let the story flow as I type. I am not the kind of person who writes notes, tries to plan anything ahead of time, much-less a novel! My method of writing a story is to basically write it as my internal narration tells it to me. This is the same with most things I write. Yes, I am aware I just effectively said “I listen to the voices in my head”, but it is how I write. I do not do character planning, sitting down and writing detailed pages of who a character is, or how they fit into the story etc. I let the character evolve with the story. The reader generally doesn’t need to know that “the character has a tendency for violence, due to their little kitten being eaten by their psychotic uncle”, especially if this point is completely irrelevant to the story being told. Rather, my character is revealed as the story in created. Sometimes not even I know what will happen, or who is the guilty party in a murder being described. But that just adds to the excitement for everyone!

If I wrote a synopsis on my characters, I would be bored with writing the story very quickly, Why would I explore any particular scene in my story, knowing that Ralph was the murderer? I prefer not to know, even in my own stories…

That being said, I am reconsidering my goal.

I will still write a novel, however before I do that, I am thinking of writing a book of short stories to get me back into the swing of things. I haven’t written anything of any great substance (except for my blog, of course!) for at least 12 years now. I have a list of scribbled, 2-3 word ideas for various stories, usually written on a receipt that was in my car or on my desk when the idea came to mind.I have mentioned it before, but back in High School, my English teachers would tell me that they would be shocked if I did not release at least one novel by the age of 30. that is fast approaching, but the idea and the eagerness have only just started returning recently. My school days would often consist of writing short stories, usually in a Horror / Thriller / Suspense-type genre, and some of the stories I am planning are heading down that way. However, the novel idea is more of a drama, which I have never done before. It is a story of hardship, struggles and tough times. I have a few characters in mind, and a basic idea of who is who, and I know a little of what to do with the plot, but I am still stuck.

For now, I will work on the short stories, as I find them a lot easier to write. Once these are done, the novel will continue.

Now, if only I could afford a Mac Book Pro, I would happily start writing while sitting in a cemetery at night… any volunteers?


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