simply having a whinge…

Posted: May 12, 2011 in Uncategorized

Well, I am in that place that some call limbo… Not working, but not unemployed. My agency has been a bit slow with work, due to the Easter aftermath, my own clients have been quiet for various reasons, and therefore, I have been home all week.

A lot of people would love a week off work, but let me tell you, without pay, it is no fun. To top it off, the weather is crappy. Typical Melbourne weather means that I am effectively housebound, with limited things to do. TV is really bad during the day, it is not even worth putting it on. I don’t have any urge to read a book, and even Facebook is starting to annoy me. I have joined a few new (to me) social networks, so I am now on LinkedIn and Foursquare. I have uploaded my resume to a few sites, and I have worked on blueprints for my latest guitar building venture. My family tree is coming along nicely, but what I would really like is an income.

I dream of owning a house one day, settling down, having kids etc. but without any income, this plan is effectively dead in the water.

I have been applying for jobs this week, reaching a total of about 10 positions. There are simply not that many suitable roles out there in my industry. If I decide to leave the industry, I will almost certainly never get back in, as it is rather cut-throat. Most positions are either in the South Eastern Suburbs (simply too far to travel in peak hour), or they are asking for too many skills for not enough pay (see my previous rant).

I have considered further education, however that also takes money.

I am now considering selling more canvasses (no buyers), sketches (no buyers) or offering other design services to people, simply to pay the rent and bills. Is it too much to ask for a full-time position? I have been in this industry for 7 years now, and it has NEVER been this bad…

Anyone need a designer? Anyone?


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