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Posted: May 6, 2011 in Boring, Personal

I have recently rediscovered my old diary from the time I was in high school. (Yes, I kept a diary / journal) I used to write in it before I kept a digital diary (now known as a blog… I was into blogging before it was called blogging!) Reading over this diary, I realise what a troubled, angst-y kid I was. I was unsure of myself, depressed, lacking in confidence, awkward and confused. It sounds like any number of teenagers at any point of time.

I have been thinking, however, that I may type in these entries to my wordpress journal (Axeman’s Ramblings… for all to see. I would date them accordingly where possible, so they would probably only show up in the archives, but the thought of putting them all on here does not scare me, or make me feel uneasy as it would have at the time I wrote a lot of them. On the contrary, putting them up would make me feel better about them; getting the feelings out in the open, showing other teens who might be going through some of the things I went through that they are not weird, different or alone for feeling that way. It is all a normal part of growing up, and of being a teenager to feel awkward and learn to manage our emotions.

When I do eventually post them up, I will try to do them in blocks, so I can link to them from a current-day post, informing you that they are there (or, I may schedule them to post at a future date, as I have just discovered how to do that!)

I would value your feedback on them, and indeed, the idea of even posting them up to begin with.
what do people think? Would you be interested? Not worth my time?

  1. John says:

    I remember you mostly writing song lyrics in your school journal thing.

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