website is live! Need work, will design for food…

Posted: April 19, 2011 in Uncategorized

Well finally, after many months of burning the midnight oil, a few stressful evenings and one major panic-attack, my new website is live.

This website is there to act as an online folio for what I am capable of, what I enjoy doing, and some of the types of work I can do. Why would anyone need something like this? Well, for starters, I need all the help I can get. I am currently living from job to job, not able to save, but earning enough when I do work to cover bills and rent. In short, I need to find some freelance work and start earning some money on the side.

::::axeman graphics::::

website launched

Ok, so go out and find it, I hear you say… Well, not so simple. As you may or may not recall, I recently posted a rant about how the industry is flooded with amateurs who think they are as qualified as someone who has sat through years of study and years of working hard to climb the ladder i nthe industry (yes, it is still a sore point for me). Also, as if it wasn’t hard enough to find work, with Easter fast approaching, companies stop hiring for a few weeks to avoid paying casuals / freelancers over the holiday period.

I have ofter thought, if I were to change industries, what would / could I do? Although I have quite a few talents, I don’t think I could do many of them for employment. I mean, I could build guitars, but why would someone want a handmade guitar, when a store-bought one could cost them far less? I could do artwork on commission, however people can jsut as easily go to Big W or Officeworks and have a photo printed to a cheap canvas for less than I could paint it for them. Perhaps music? But who would pay for a guitarist to write them a song, or record their favourite track (not to mention, hte overbearing copyright laws involved)

I haven’t worked as a security guard for so long, And although still licensed, finding a reputable comany isn’t easy, so I tend to stay away. Bartending is ok, however I don’t do cocktails, only spirits and beers. I can run a pub, but apparently I am not qualified enough to work in some of them…

so people, I put it to you. If I could do anything at all, any industry, what do you think I should do?


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