Posted: April 9, 2011 in Art, Rant, Work

You may or may not know this, but lately (for the past 8 months or so!) I have been designing my new website. This is partly to update the content in a major way from my existing site, and also to launch my rebranded look for my freelancing identity.

Every time I decide to redesign a site, or write a site from scratch, I am initially excited and feeling motivated and full of ideas. These feelings quickly depart when I remember how much of a pain in the ass they are…

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy doing them, especially finishing them… But the coding parts really require a clear head and concentration. Two things I occasionally and sporadicly have in me, and rarely together.

So far I have spent about 9 months on this site, working on it a little each night after work, and some weekends. at the 8 month mark, something went wrong, and I lost all of it (Except for photography and artwork) which has forced me to start again. Although frustrating and amore than a little soul-destroying, it has allowed me to improve a few sections that I realised on the second time around were going to cause me issues later on.

Some people have asked me why I bother having a website at all. The only way I can answer that is, if I am trying to sell myself to a potential employer, who proceeds to asks to see my folio, I can point them towards my website, which not only shows I have some skill in creating websites, but will contain my artwork, writing, and a bunch of stuff about me and who I am. In short, it is a digital interview of sorts.

This new site will be a completely different concept from my previous sites, and I feel it will reflect who I am at this point of my life, and what I am capable of, both in design, as well as other facets of my life.

The website will also help me launch my new-ish branding of my freelance business. Having a branding identity is important, in that it makes your business look professional, and not simply ‘a dude working on a laptop in a coffee shop’ type of designer. I have already got the business cards done,and my invoices and letterhead, email signatures etc, but these may or may not be modified to link back to the website. All will have my new colour scheme and logo, but perhaps I could do more? I will see how I feel after this website from hell is completed…

Then perhaps I can get back to tying up some of the odd jobs that are floating around here at ‘Studio Axeman’ and maybe even earn a bit of money while I am at it?

if you want a sneak peek at the teaser page of my site, please visit


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