my dream job…

Posted: January 21, 2011 in Art, Personal, Rant, Work

For a long time now, I have wanted to own a pub. Not just own, but run it, work in it, and even perform in a band sometimes…

Recent.y, I have modified the dream to include a design studio upstairs.

Think about it for a moment… Design by day, pub by night. That would mean only 6-8 hours a day of downtime!

I can do both of these jobs well, I have worked and run a bar short term before, and enjoyed it, and coupled with my design skills, it could really be a good little earner!

The one problem I have however, is funding.

To buy an exsisting pub would be a lot, and I mean at least 1 million… There are some exsisting pubs that are boarded up in Williamstown, and two would be perfect for a live music venue! However I still don’t have the start-up finances, and doubt I will for a long time…

That said, however, it is my dream, and I doubt I will ever stop aiming for it, even if it means failure…

For too long I have had people close to me saying “it will never happen” or “that’s impossible” so now, I refuse to listen to their negatives, and focus on the positives…

Anyone care to co-finance a pub?



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