Working on my website…

Posted: January 10, 2011 in Art, Boring, Personal, Work

Today (between work), was spent predominantly working on my new website.

Why do I need a website?

Well, as a designer, I need to show my work, my skills, show what I can do, and to be able to do that at any time and any where. I have had a website in some form or another, since 1996. In that time, a lot has changed. Back then, I used HTML exclusively, no java, no scripts… just HTML in all it’s old-school glory.

Since then, I have done sites in HTML, HTML with tables, Flash, and even a mixture of all of them.

This site, however, will be different.

For the first time, I am delving into CSS. I know, a lot of people swear by it, but I have never used it. I preferred, instead, to code each page on its own, linking to each other as separate entities. Now that I am starting to see the benefits of CSS, I have to wonder WHY I ever thought the old way was better??

Apart from the fact that I have several pages to code this time (so far about 30, and barely scratching the surface…) it is such a time-saver!

The part of this site that has really confused, and yet intrigued me though, is whether or not to use HTML5 and CSS3. According to internet sources, both of these languages will not be ‘official’ and ‘supported’ until 2025. Yet people are already coding in them like they are already heading out of fashion! A part of me wants to use them, to show I am up to date with my skills, yet another part thinks that if I do, I will be constantly repairing things that break, or that are no longer accepted.

You understand?

As it is, I am doing a website technique that not alot of people use anymore, so perhaps I will stick to what I already know…

I am already planning to go to the next step, and get a .com domain, and even self-host my blog, allowing me to do what I want with it…

The main reason for ALL of this is to sell myself. To gain more clients. The main step in my previous post was to get a steady income… So if anyone out there needs, or no someone else who needs anything designed… From invites, cards, business cards, office stationery, a business logo or identity, even a wall mural or a canvas, please send them my way… I am willing to try my hand at designing almost anything!! Prices negotiable, just contact me!

until the new site is up, my older one is still up at

  1. glenda says:

    saw u r researching healy /saunders ancestry
    my grandmother was a saunders -her aunt married richard healy New Jersey
    any connection?

    • hi!
      ummm confused on how you found my blog, but all good!
      I believe the Healy side is directly related on my fathers side.
      Richard in NJ could be related, however, I am still working my way through the reliable and unreliable tree information, so I couldn’t say for certain either way…

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